Who is Archangel Orion

Archangel Orion
If you are an angel lover or a lightworker, then it's good to get to know Archangel Orion. This post will explore his role in the universe, and how he can help you on your spiritual journey.

Archangel Orion is The Galactic Angel

Archangel Orion is an angel of light. While he is a galactic angel, meaning he helps on a wider scale across the universe, he is also an archangel. He sits on the same board with other archangels and works side by side with archangels.

His home is the Orion constellation. If you look up at Orion’s belt in the night sky, you can receive a download of his healing light. 

How To Connect with Archangel Orion

Call upon Archangel Orion anytime, the same way that you ask other angels for guidance. Focus with your heart, and then ask him to connect with you before making your request.

Usually Archangel Orion appears as a masculine energy, and as a very bright white light. However, he can switch to a more feminine energy if that is what you need when connecting to him.

When I first started connecting with Orion it was during a channeling course. He is very easy to connect to. And personally he has been one of the easiest angels for me to receive information from.

Additionally, he can strengthen your connection to other angels. Ask Archangel Orion to join you and help you intuitively know the messages you want to receive from other archangels. Orion has a unique way of helping you to sense, see, hear, or know the answers. 

How Archangel Orion Can Help You

Archangel Orion has a deep connection to healing and purification. As a healer, he can clear negative energy away from your chakras and aura.

You can also call on him for help when you need protection or guidance on your journey through life.

Archangel Orion is also the angel of self-mastery. He teaches you how to master your emotions through meditation and mindfulness.

When you re cut off from your feelings, you tend to suffer more than necessary. This is because it is difficult to know what will bring you happiness if you do not pay attention to what makes you happy in the present moment. 

Strengthen Your Intuition with Orion

Archangel Orion and your guardian angel are two of the easiest angels to hear and connect with to enhance your intuition. Practice daily if you can, and enjoy getting to know the angels better.

The more you practice, the faster you will start to receive answers. Always trust the answers, and start out by only asking yes or no questions that are not very important. Have fun with the process, and let it be okay if you do not get any answer sometimes.

Over time, your clairs will develop and become stronger. Or, you might start receiving information from the angels right away. It can happen through clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and/or claircognizance. 

Help For Manifesting Your Biggest Wishes

Do you have a big goal or dream? Archangel Orion is perfect to call upon for assistance. He helps you every step of the way to achieving your biggest dreams, and helps you fulfill your soul purpose.

When you want to work with Archangel Orion, start by writing down all your goals, dreams, and desires. Then below each one, write out why you want to achieve those things.

Finally, look at the entire list and see how everything fits together in your life. This is a good step to complete whether or not you are working with any angels. Why? Because it helps you know the reasons why you are putting in efforts to achieve your goals and dreams.

Focus on what steps you can start taking now to manifest your biggest dreams. Then, continue asking Archangel Orion for help every step on your journey to success. 

View Your Life From a Wider Perspective

When you are curious about events in your life, Archangel Orion helps you get answers. He also helps you see things that might be hidden, especially if you are not seeing the bigger picture in your life. Viewing situations and life from a broader perspective also aids you in ascending higher more smoothly

Archangel Orion will also bring up all the big questions for you to ponder in every area of your life.

Why do you want to accomplish that goal?

What do you want from the relationships in your life?

What do you want to do with your life and why?

If you do not have a clear answer for each question, Archangel Orion will first help you find clarity. 

Channeled Message From Archangel Orion

Greetings from Archangel Orion. Please feel free to call upon me any time. I am here to serve you. And I would love to become your friend on your journey through this lifetime.

If you wish to become friends with me, know that I will be your friend for life. Even if years go by without you saying a word to me. I will always be here for you; so feel free to call upon me any time.

All Angels Love You

Know that you are deeply loved by not only me, but all archangels, ascended masters, and your personal team of guides and angels. Call upon your guardian angel or me, Archangel Orion, for anything big or small.

Whoever you choose to call upon, the entire angelic realm is here to support you on your journey. Each day, to connect to the angelic realm if you wish to build a closer relationship with any angel.

No matter who you choose to call upon, we all work together as a team. There will be times during your life where you may only call upon one specific angel. But, you will not receive just one angel to help you. Sometimes you receive an entire team to assist you whether you realize it or not. 

Always Remember To Thank Angels

All we ask for in return is for you to send your thanks. It is a good practice to end each request for help with a simple thank you.

This way, if you forget to say thanks later on, it is okay because you already did so inside your request. 

Magic in The Night Sky

Look up at the night sky and find my constellation shining bright. Then, focus within your heart, and look up at the three stars that create Orion's Belt in the night sky.

Ask for a download of love and light, and you will receive it.

By closing your eyes and focusing within your heart, you might be able to sense the light and love that is downloading into you. However, it is not required to focus within. Simply ask to receive, and it will be done.

I, Archangel Orion, love you and I send you blessings of love and light. And look forward to getting to know you and to assist you more. 
Thank you Archangel Orion for sharing this message with us. Channeled by Brenda Lott.

Archangel Orion Can Be A Lifelong Friend

As an angel of light, Archangel Orion teaches you that love is always with you, even if everything seems hopeless.

Call upon the galactic angel of healing for help with anything. Archangel Orion will always greet you with a quick cleanse of your chakras and aura if needed.

Also, request his assistance to strengthen your intuition, and to view your life from a higher perspective.

Archangel Orion would love to become your friend. Simply invite him into your life anytime you are ready. 

As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

About the author
Brenda Lott
Brenda is a certified channeler of angelic healing energies and angel messages. She is also founder of angel-sparkles.com. Her strong connection with the angelic realm allows her open heart to act as a bridge for the angels to flow healing energies to any person, pet, or physical location that is in needed of cleansing, healing, and rejuvenation. 

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