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Energy Healing Services

Are you new to energy healing? Scroll down to start learning the basics. 

Arcfusion Energy Healing 

Experience this new and unique energy healing modality that contains healing energies from the stars. And is delivered to you by Archangels and Ascended Masters. 
Arcfusion Metatron's Cube

Distance Angel Energy Healing Session

Connect with beautiful angels and powerful archangels in your personalized Angel Energy Healing session.
Duration: 22-25 minutes, plus angels continue to work on your energetic system for a minimum of 24 hours after your session ends.  
Free bonus: home energy cleansing. 
Angel Energy Healing Session

Arcfusion Energy Healing For Pets

Help your beloved pet start to feel better. Healing angels surround your pet to address energetic imbalances. Plus, angels cleanse and uplift your pet's energetic system. 
Energy Healing for Pets

Arcfusion Energy Healing For Situations

Allow archangels to shine light on the truth, and remove struggles to clear up any situation. The angels start by fulling cleansing the energies around your situation and all people involved. Then, they infuse healing, harmony, and peace into the situation. 
Arcfusion for Situations

Arcfusion For Past Life Healing

Learn about different ways to do past life healing. And discover why past life healing with Arcfusion is easy and effective. 
Free Bonuses:
* Arcfusion Energy Healing for ancestral lineage healing
* Karmic debt healing
* Guided meditation to clear past life issues attached to your soul lessons
Past Life Healing

Aura Drawings

Discover what is inside your aura, and find out your main aura color. Included with your aura drawing is Angel Energy Healing to remove cords, repair aura damage, and revitalize your aura with new light. 
Aura Drawings with Energy Healing

Distance Physical Space Energy Cleansing

Archangels fully cleanse the energies contained within your home, business, entire farm, empty lot of land, or other physical space. Includes cleansing the land surrounding your home or the building. 
Physical Space Cleansing Session with Angels

Light Language

Are you interested in learning about the beautiful healing energies within light language?
If yes, explore my other website at

Light language symbols

Energy Healing Information

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is the process of removing dense energies from your body's energetic system. There are a few energy healing modalities available that aim to help your mind, body, and spirit feel their best. However, two energy healing modalities rise above all the others as being the best: Arcfusion and Angel Energy Healing.

Arcfusion Energy Healing

Arcfusion is a new and unique energy healing modality that brings you energy healing from the stars. Archangels and Ascended Masters deliver your healing energies to powerfully, yet gently provide you with energetic transformations that last. 

One of the unique things about Arcfusion is that it can be sent to you on repeat. This means that you will continue to receive energy healing on a daily basis; often for up to 30 days. 

Archangels utilize Brenda's open heart to flow the healing energies to you. 

You can request Arcfusion for almost anything. 

Angel Energy Healing

The reason why Angel Energy Healing is an optimal energy healing modality is because powerful angels perform the session alongside Brenda. Working together with the angels, Brenda provides you with everything your energetic system needs to begin the process of reaching your optimal mind-body-spirit balance.  

One distance session provides you with cleansing for your chakras, meridians, and aura (also called your energy field). It also removes etheric cords and karmic cords along with refreshing your subconscious mind. Plus, your entire home receives an energetic cleanse.

The Role of an Angel Energy Healer 

An Angel Energy Healer is simply an open channel for the angels to work through. As a channeler, Brenda scans the body's energetic system for blocks, and then focuses on directing more angelic healing energies in that specific spot. 

As a trained channeler of Angel Energy Healing, Brenda went through a process of working closely with archangels to attune her system to the angels. She is also dedicated to continue working with archangels daily. This keeps the connection strong, open, and clear for the angels to flow energies through her and into you.

How You Can Benefit From Energy Healing

Getting Arcfusion Energy Healing or an Angel Energy Healing Session does much of the deeper work for you. And significantly boosts you along your ascension journey. It is also an optimal way to ensure that any hidden blocks against healing are dealt with properly. 

Distance Arcfusion Energy Healing focuses in on where energetic healing is needed. It can also be sent for everything you need in the present moment. 

A distance Angel Energy Healing session provides you with a full energy cleanse, and fills you up with more divine unconditional love and light. It assists your mind, body, and spirit in aligning together which aids you in feeling better overall. After a session, you can expect to feel more relaxed and uplifted.

Boost Your Journey with Energy Healing from Archangels

Start to transform all areas of your life by getting distance energy healing.


“That was incredible, thank you Brenda! I actually started getting messages come through again. You have no idea how many messages came through that I was not paying attention to before. I felt like I was carrying a ton of weight before. I'm so grateful for this experience with you. Thank you!” - Lili

"Seriously Brenda, I have been having a great week! What a difference from the last. The work you do is incredible! Thank you!" - Heather (3 days later)

"When I received Angel Energy Healing, I felt as though my heart was being opened, especially during the first several minutes of the session. I also felt a very relaxing wave of energy throughout my entire body during several points of the session. Thank you for another powerful session." - Michael

“Thank you so much. This morning I am feeling much calmer and so I truly believe the healing has helped me, even though it was remote.” - Heather

"I felt like every bad thing was being pulled from me for just a minute, and there was like a barrier so all this good can come in. Now I feel calm, relaxed, and peaceful. I also saw some lavender, teal, and ocean blue colors. The other thing is I heard somebody call my name and I’m not auditory at all. Toward the end it was like a white waterfall was flowing over me, and felt peaceful and calm." - Lori