Energy Healing Services

Distance Angel Energy Healing Session

Angel Energy Healing
Connect with beautiful angels and powerful archangels in your personalized Angel Energy Healing session.
Duration: 23-25 minutes. Plus, angels continue to work on your energetic system for a minimum of 24 hours after your session ends.  
Free bonus: home energy cleansing. 

Arcfusion Energy Healing 

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Experience this new and unique energy healing modality that contains healing energies from the universe. Plus, receive ongoing healing energies daily, delivered to you by Archangels and Arcturians. Two options available so you can choose what fits your needs right now. 

Arcfusion Energy Healing For Pets

Arcfusion Energy Healing for Pets
Help your beloved pet start to feel better. Healing angels surround your pet to address energetic imbalances. Plus, angels cleanse and uplift your pet's energetic system. 

Arcfusion Energy Healing For Situations

Arcfusion Energy Healing for Situations
Allow archangels to shine light on the truth, and remove struggles to clear up any situation involving two or more people. The angels start by cleansing the energies around your situation and all people involved. Then, they infuse peace and harmony into the situation. 

Arcfusion Past Life Healing Package

Arcfusion vs Past Life Regressions
Learn about different ways to do past life healing. And discover why past life healing with Arcfusion is easy and effective. This complete package includes everything you need for past life cleansing and healing. Includes karmic debt healing, soul fragmentation healing, and ancestral lineage healing. 

Aura Drawings

Layers of the Aura
Discover what types of energies are in your aura, and find out your main aura color. Included with your aura drawing is Angel Energy Healing to remove cords, repair aura damage, and revitalize your aura with healing light. 

Physical Spaces Energy Cleansing

Master Mindfulness Living
Archangels fully cleanse the energies within your home, business, entire farm, empty lot of land, or other physical space. Includes cleansing the land surrounding your home or the building. This process also checks for entities, dark forces, and portals. And clears any that are present. 

Light Language

Light language is an energy healing modality that flows high frequency energies into you from the higher dimensions. Learn more about light language by exploring my other website at