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Why is this happening
Angel Messages Reading
5 cards
Angelic guidance for the next 3 months. Reveals challenges, discover what the angels want you to focus on, and what to expect when you follow their guidance. Includes any additional messages your angels want you to know.
Why is This Happening Card Reading
5 cards
This is a powerful way to find out why you're being held back in life. Reveals the situation, what you can do, what you cannot do, the lesson behind the situation, and how to overcome it. Ask about your specific situation, or let the angels show you the cause of your struggles. 
Mind Body Spirit
Ascension Journey Reading 
5 cards
Find out how to advance faster on your spiritual journey for the next 3 months.
Mind, Body, Spirit Reading 
3 cards
Discover what your mind, body, and spirit need most right now. 
Guardian Angel Shield
Mini Angel Card Reading
3 cards
Discover what the angels most want you to know right now. Angelic guidance for the next 3 months. 
Guardian Angel Name Reading
Channeled angel reading to discover the name of your guardian angel. Plus, it includes a channeled message from your guardian angel.
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