The following testimonials are from people who received at least one distance Angel Energy Healing session, or Arcfusion Energy Healing. 

The words within quotes directly came from recipients, and do not represent any claims or experiences that you might receive. Brenda does not claim to be a healer; she is only an open channel for the angels to send their energies from the angelic realm to people on earth.

Angel Energy Healing Testimonials

"Thank you so much! This morning I am feeling much calmer. My feelings changed from feeling stressed out to feeling very calm and peaceful." - Abby

"Thank you, Brenda, for this beautiful shower of angelic energy! I feel both relaxed and energized, and it's only been minutes since the session, but I already feel my mind becoming more optimistic. There were some aspects of my life that had been causing me some frustration and uncertainty, but I feel like new life has been breathed into my path forward." - Ellwood

"I felt quite refreshed from sleeping better and I was relaxed." - Sarah

"I felt a sudden intense energy in my heart chakra and also felt calm. Thank you for this." - Theresa

"I saw pops of purple at times and also a green-yellow around my head for longer periods. I almost got the impression like someone was shaking my hand in a way to introduce themselves. I felt a strong energy presence behind me and this was comforting. I felt more and more relaxed as the session went on. Thank you so much." - Petrice

“Sorry I forgot about it. I was on the phone. But my feeling changed from feeling stressed out to feeling very calm and peaceful.” - Laura

“I'm glowing again. I can feel myself ascending! Thank you!” - CW

“I fell asleep right away last night, and I feel more relaxed today and am thinking more clearly.” - Natalie

“I felt a bit of warmth in my body. There was also this very faint red color that I saw but it was more on my head area. After awhile, I felt calmer, more relaxed, and I feel much better now than I did earlier. I don't know if there was supposed to be a message or sorts, but I felt like there was a message being relayed to me during the transmission.” - Therese

Arcfusion Energy Healing Testimonials

"Thank you so much for this miracle! The improvements in my life are amazing. It's as if the symptoms almost disappeared over night, and are now close to being gone. I’m also feeling lighter and have renewed hope for a good future." - Abby

"I’m tremendously thankful that this came along at the perfect time. It literally saved my life! I cannot completely express all my gratitude. I feel so blessed by receiving Arcfusion." - Kai

"Wow! Thank you, Brenda! My knee was sore from an injury that was making it harder to get around. The Arcfusion gave me cool sensations around my knee. The next morning it was easier to walk, then by noon it was back to normal! I want more Arcfusion." - Oliver

"I’m truly amazed by Arcfusion's power and gentleness. My issues have improved quickly over these last couple of weeks. You have no idea how much this truly means to me. Thank you very much for this blessing!" - Emma

"Thank you, Brenda! Today I woke up feeling calm for the first time in many years." - Andrea

"Arcfusion is awesome! My home used to be so chaotic with all three of us adding to the stress everyday. Now I feel peaceful, calm, and am improving the relationship with my child. Thank you!" - Luna

"Arcfusion is spectacular in every way! I’m grateful for how the Arcfusion is making a difference. It means so much to me and my family to have received this blessing from the Arcfusion and the angels. Many thanks!" - Zeno