Hello and Welcome to Angel-Sparkles! 

I’m Brenda Lott, co-creator of this website and blog with assistance from the angels and archangels.  
I am a strong channel for the angelic realm to flow their powerful healing energies toward humanity, animals, and the Earth. 

My soul purpose is to channel healing energies and messages from the angelic realm. And to do this in a way that uplifts, inspires, and encourages you to transform your life with angelic assistance. 

Through this website, my mission is to assist you on your ascension journey. Especially by providing you with a variety of tools and information so you can ascend higher as easily as possible. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to assist you on your spiritual journey, help you increase your vibration, and to show you how to co-create your dream life with the angels and universe. 

The Beginning of My Ascension Journey

In August 2018, I found out that I am a lightworker and starseed in a rather unusual way. That summer, I regularly went for walks on a beautiful trail along the upper Mississippi River. One day, a thought popped into my mind: “Are there different types of soulmates?” It was a topic that I was very curious to learn more about.

An internet search quickly revealed that the answer is yes. There are different types of soulmates including twin flames which are also called twin souls.

Looking back, it’s easy to see that the angels were involved in guiding me through a series of different websites. The research continued over a couple of days until I discovered that I am a lightworker and starseed.

The more I learned, the more everything from earlier in my life started to make sense. All of the challenges and struggles were to help me understand certain things in life from an insider's perspective. So now I am better able to assist you in healing from undesirable energies within your system. By helping you heal, you can ascend higher faster and easier.

For the first eight months of my ascension journey, I was only connecting to source light to cleanse my chakras and subconscious mind. While all the energy cleansing helped, progress seemed very slow; even though I was very dedicated to doing long meditations daily.

In April 2019, while searching for a faster way to anchor in higher vibrational light, I discovered an amazing website about angels. Immediately, I started learning more about angels, and began connecting with archangels daily through meditations. 

The angels quickly boosted my ascension journey, and my progress significantly sped up. Connecting with angels elevated my vibration to a new level, and I was immensely grateful for all the ways the angels were healing me.

Soul Purpose Revealed in January 2020

Learning about lightwork and metaphysics through courses and books taught me a variety of topics that I am excited to share with you. It's also what led to discovering my soul purpose. 

Immediately after beginning an Angel Energy Healing course, I strongly knew that energy healing is my soul purpose. Every session left me feeling amazed by how powerfully the angels channel their energies through my heart chakra.

Even my teacher commented on how brightly the angels shine through me. That is when I knew that I had to start sharing my unique gifts with the world to serve at a higher level.

The angels completely transformed all areas of my life for the better. Now I am grateful to be able to assist you in benefiting from powerful angelic healing energies. And through helpful information in the blog for your ascension journey. 

A Beautiful Surprise from The Angels in July 2022

After almost two years of having this website, the angels brought forth a surprise. They are utilizing my strong connection to the higher dimensions to bring a new energy healing modality to Earth. It is called Arcfusion Energy Healing.

Arcfusion Energy Healing is a merging of powerful healing energies from the universe. 

As this journey continues to unfold, I am excited to work with the archangels and loving beings in the higher dimensions to provide you with Arcfusion Energy Healing.

Join me for this exciting journey with the angels, and watch as the angels show up more and more in your life. 

As always, the angels and I send you love and light for your journey.

Brenda Lott


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A special thank you to the angels and especially Archangel Michael for helping so much to create this website and blog. And for always being there to assist in easily finding a solution every time a challenge appeared. 

I send my deepest gratitude and appreciation to Archangel Gabriel for coming to me, being a best friend, and helping me to learn channeling. 

To all the angels, archangels, ascended masters, my spiritual guidance team, and Guardian Angel Melinda, thank you all for your help, guidance, inspiration, wisdom, and support that continues to be very much appreciated everyday.