Who is Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel
Archangel Haniel is a very sensitive angel. She helps you heal your inner child along with any other kind of inner healing that you need. By healing yourself at the energetic level, you open up to have more joy in your life.

She is a master healer who utilizes crystals and other other natural forms of healing.

If you wish to improve your intuition or develop clairvoyance, call upon Archangel Haniel for assistance. 

Connecting with Archangel Haniel

To connect with Archangel Haniel, focus within the center of your heart, close your eyes, and ask her to connect with you. If you’re able to sense colors of angels, she shows up in her main color as a beautiful turquoise light. However, sometimes she appears as a lavender color or other shades of light purple.

When you connect with Archangel Haniel, she begins by flowing silver light into your throat chakra. Next, she flows the silver light upward through your third eye chakra, crown chakra, and higher chakras. After she removes a layer of stress and density, then she wraps you in turquoise light. Take several deep breaths to inhale this healing light. This helps the light circulate within your energetic system. 

Emotional Healing for Deeply Buried Hurts

Archangel Haniel helps you with emotional healing and releasing hurtful feelings.

When you work with Archangel Haniel, or any angels, they will reveal things that are no longer serving you. These types of blocks are also known as 'shadow aspects' of you. Archangel Haniel helps you remove the deep layers, one layer at a time. As each layer is removed, it becomes easier and easier to release the remaining layers. 

Archangel Haniel Helps You Clear Hidden Hurts

Oftentimes people do not even recognize the hurts that they’re carrying around. These need to be healed. It’s common for past hurts and pains to hide within the subconscious mind. Archangel Haniel helps you discover these hidden hurts. And, to understand them so you’re fully able to release them.

After these past wounds are healed, it opens you up to fully step into your power as a soul. And, to rise into your full potential for this lifetime.

If you don’t heal these hidden blocks, they will continue holding you back in life. Archangel Haniel wants you to know that there is nothing to be afraid of or to worry about when doing deep, emotional healing with her. She provides you with comfort and support while being there for you the entire time. 

Importance of Inner Child Healing

Most people do not recognize the importance of doing inner child healing. Even if you had a happy childhood, there are still dense energies within your system. Every child picks up low vibrational energies from other people throughout childhood.

Healing your inner child brings more child-like joy and curiosity into your life. Additionally, it boosts the pleasure you receive from simpler things in life because your heart is more joyful. 
Inner Child Healing

How To Do Inner Child Healing

  • Close your eyes and focus within the center of your heart
  • Ask Archangel Haniel for help healing your inner child
  • Ask your inner child to step forward for energetic healing
  • Imagine a waterfall of rainbow colored light plus white light flowing over you
  • Allow the rainbow waterfall of light to flow through all your chakras and aura 
  • Remain in the rainbow waterfall of light for as long as you desire
Repeat this process as needed until you feel more child-like joy in your heart. 

Archangel Haniel Opens You Up To New Things

When you have anything new coming up in your life, ask Archangel Haniel for guidance. New things she can help you with include finding a new love relationship, and having first dates go well. Plus, ask her for help during job interviews, and when you’re starting a new career.

If you’re looking for new friendships, Archangel Haniel can bring you harmonious, loving friendships.

If you need to give an important presentation, or do public speaking, ask Archangel Haniel for help. She will stay next to you, and assist you in remaining centered and poised throughout the presentation. 

Boost The Power of Moon Cycles

Archangel Haniel works with the cycles of the moon. In the same way that a full moon illuminates the night sky, every full moon illuminates density within your system.

If you follow the lunar cycles, she can assist you in optimizing your efforts. Connect with her during the full moon to boost your healing at the energetic level. Plus, ask her for help in releasing blocks during the full moon.

Archangel Haniel also helps with all women’s issues. 

Archangel Haniel Helps You Manifest Your Desires

When you approach Archangel Haniel with a sincere, open heart, she brings joy into your life.

You can manifest your desires and needs much easier when your personal vibration is high. Archangel Haniel assists you with this by helping your heart to be joyful like a child’s heart. 

Provides You With A Plan For Challenges

Archangel Haniel is a navigation expert whether you’re travelling over land or sea. She also helps you navigate life's difficult challenges. She helps you create a plan so you can maneuver through any problems that appear.

Call Upon Archangel Haniel For More Joy

Archangel Haniel also helps you embrace who you truly are at the soul level. And, she helps you fully accept yourself including the parts you don't like.

She assists you with all forms of inner healing through illuminating blocks that no longer serve you. When you’re in the process of releasing past hurts and pains, she wraps you in a warm, comforting hug as the deep layers are peeled away.

Archangel Haniel is also available to help heal your inner child. When your heart is open, and when inner child is happy, it naturally brings more joy into your life. 

As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

About the author
Brenda Lott
Brenda is a certified channeler of angelic healing energies and angel messages. She is also founder of angel-sparkles.com. Her strong connection with the angelic realm allows her open heart to act as a bridge for the angels to flow healing energies to any person, pet, or physical location that is in needed of cleansing, healing, and rejuvenation. 
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