What is Spiritual Awareness and How to Cultivate It

Spiritual Awareness
Have you ever felt a sense of wonder about the world around you? A feeling that there is something more to life than what meets the eye? Enhancing your spiritual awareness opens up a beautiful new world where you can tap into your unlimited potential.

In this blog post, you will learn the definition of spiritual awareness and explore some of its key benefits.

You will also be provided with guidance and free tools. So you can begin to develop or deepen your own spiritual awareness. Which includes practices such as energy cleansing, mindfulness, and expanding your consciousness. Keep reading to learn more. 

Defining Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual awareness is often described as a heightened sense of self-awareness. And understanding how we are all connected through oneness. Plus, discovering your true self through expanding your consciousness and tuning into your heart.

Spiritual awareness is a starting point that provides you with an immense opportunity to transform your entire life. One aspect is recognizing how much more exists beyond what human eyes can see.

Obtaining a deeper sense of connection to the universe, angels, and your soul must be felt and experienced by going within. The key is to open your mind and heart together to connect to your soul. This is how you begin to feel and experience oneness. And it is how you open up to your unlimited potential in life. 

What is Oneness?

Oneness is a law of the universe. While it takes time to master oneness, understanding the concept of oneness is easy.

Oneness describes how we are all connected through light. As a soul, you are light, and source light is where we come from. It is through this light that we are all interconnected to each other and to everything that exists within the world and within the universe. 

Benefits of Developing Spiritual Awareness

There are many benefits associated with developing spiritual awareness. They include, but are not limited to:
  • A greater sense of purpose and meaning in life
  • Improved mental and emotional well-being
  • Deeper relationships with others
  • A sense of interconnectedness with all living things
  • Greater insight into your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Increased creativity and intuition
  • Discover your soul purpose
  • Co-create your dream life with the universe
  • Increasing your energetic vibration so you feel better
  • Discovering your connection to the higher dimensions
  • Experiencing the unconditional love within your heart and soul
  • Seeing how you are an infinite soul of light having a human life experience
  • Manifesting your dreams easier through the Law of Attraction

How to Cultivate Spiritual Awareness

Cultivating spiritual awareness is a series of various realizations. Followed by choosing to take action if you desire to follow an ascension journey.

Mastering spiritual awareness consists of:
  • Seeing how much of life contains illusions
  • Becoming aware of the outdated beliefs holding you back in life
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Shifting your perspective
  • Expanding your consciousness to the higher dimensions
  • Living a heart-centered life with an open heart
  • Increasing your self-love
  • Recentering within love after challenges
  • Feeling connected to everyone and everything through oneness
  • Meditating regularly to quiet your mind, focus within your heart, and connect to source light
  • Expressing gratitude daily

Release Old Human Programming

Part of the process of becoming spiritually awakened is discovering how much is an illusion. Especially by seeing how much humans have been programmed with outdated beliefs.

These are beliefs and teachings that are untrue, restrictive, and were used as a way to control others from reaching their full potential.

The subconscious mind beliefs that the many people are carrying around go against the truths of the universe.

These outdated beliefs hold you back. They make you think your dreams are not achievable. And they create energetic blocks that keep you stuck. One sign of this is repeating patterns in your life that prevent you from reaching your dreams and the abundance that you desire.

You can remove these through cleansing your energy. And by reprogramming your subconscious mind beliefs. 

Uncover Your True Self Through Meditation and Reflection

One of the best ways to develop spiritual awareness is through meditation and reflection. When you meditate, you quiet your mind and allow yourself to focus on your breath. This helps you feel more present in the moment and connected with your soul.

Reflection is another helpful tool for uncovering your true self. By taking time each day to reflect on your experiences, you can gain greater clarity about who you are. Along with finding out what you want in life, and how you can live in alignment with your values. 

Embrace New Perspectives

As you continue on your journey of developing spiritual awareness, you may find that your perspectives about life start to change.

When you shift your perspective, it can lead to a number of profound changes in your life.

For example, you may become more open-minded toward other points of view, even if they differ from your own. And more accepting of the fact that there is no one right way to live life.

Additionally, you may become more compassionate and empathetic towards others. Or begin to see the world around you in new ways, viewing it as a place of mystery and wonder.

These changes lead to personal growth and evolution, both for yourself as an individual and for humanity as a whole. As more people become spiritually aware, we collectively raise the vibrational energy of the planet. While creating positive changes in the world.

Cleanse Your Energy Daily

As you lighten your energetic system, you are able to hold higher levels of light. Which aids you in ascending higher, feeling better, and healing from the past. It also energetically aligns you with manifesting your dreams and desires easier through the Law of Attraction.

There are several options available for cleansing your chakras and aura:

- Meditate to cleanse your chakras and aura with white source light
- Use the violet flame
- Receive energy healing from archangels

Moving Beyond Limits with Spiritual Awareness

Another benefit of spiritual awareness is that it helps you to move beyond self-imposed limitations.

When you awaken spiritually, you realize that you are not your physical body nor your ego. Rather you are an infinite being of light with immense potential. You start see yourself and life itself as limitless.

This shift in perspective assists you in tapping into previously untapped reservoirs. Which includes inner strength, courage, creativity, love, and wisdom. It can also inspire you to work toward achieving your greatest dreams. 

Accelerate Your Ascension Journey

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with developing spiritual awareness. Enjoy the process of ascending higher on your ascension journey at a pace that is best for you. There is no need to rush.

Getting started is easy with these free tools for your ascension journey.

Click here for a free chakra and aura cleanse.

Use this free violet flame meditation anytime to instantly shift your mindset and energy.

Breathing exercises to quickly release stress and unpleasant emotions.

Learn how to master mindfulness in this blog post.

Free yourself from old wounds with the power of forgiveness.

If you want to speed up your journey, explore these energy healing options to remove blocks and increase your vibration. 

As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

About the author
Brenda Lott
Brenda is a certified channeler of angelic healing energies and angel messages. She is also founder of angel-sparkles.com. Her strong connection with the angelic realm allows her open heart to act as a bridge for the angels to flow healing energies to any person, pet, or physical location that is in needed of cleansing, healing, and rejuvenation. 

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