The Power of Love in Your Heart

The Power of Love
The power of love is an enormous, gentle, and beautiful force that you can access anytime.

When you utilize the love within your heart and soul, you uplift and heal your life and the lives of others.

Love is also the direct route to miracles manifesting.

And when you combine your love with love from angels, anything is possible.

In this blog post, every archangel stepped forward wanting to contribute to this message about the power of love. 

Channeled Message about The Power of Love

Greetings from Orion, and every archangel. We come together to answer some questions for you about the power of love. And, how to transform your life to live from a state of love every day.

What is The Power of Love?

Thank you for asking this question for we are delighted to provide you with answers.

Dear One, the power of love is a tremendous force that has potential to heal anything and everyone.

The reason why love is so powerful is because it uplifts, heals, and inspires people to become the best version of themselves possible.

Energetically, love is a lightweight feeling that vibrates quickly. 

Love Heals Everything!

When a person is feeling down, stuck, or experiencing physical pains, lower emotions can take over the person's life. However, the power of love can shift the person into instantaneously feeling better.

Love provides people with hope, healing, and inspiration.

When you extend an act of kindness to a person who is not feeling well, you pull them up to a higher energetic vibration. Whether it is through a hug, smile, a random act of kindness, or extending words of encouragement to not give up. All these actions all have a solid foundation based in love.

This is why these types of actions and words send love and light into others. 
Work with Angels to Flow More Love 
Additionally, your kind and loving actions allow the angels to utilize you as a bridge between the physical and angelic realms.

So the angels can channel through you even more love and light to the person. For the purpose of removing a layer of the heaviness that was weighing them down. And to infuse them with the healing, light, and love that they need.

Even when a person only experiences a small shift in feeling better, the improvements are blessings. They are a stepping stone for them to keep going, keep healing, and to have hope.

This is the power of love in action.

When you participate in sending love to someone who needs and wants it, you give them hope.

You have the power to help them remember that they will reach a point where their struggles and obstacles will become part of the past. 

Exactly What is Love?

Love is who you truly are at the core of your soul. You are a spark of light created by source light which is pure divine unconditional love.

Your natural state is shining vibrantly within unconditional love.

Love for yourself, love for others, love for humanity, love for the earth. Basking in this love carries you higher.

Love is the deepest feeling of affection that blossoms out to touch the heart of another person.

Anytime kindness, caring, compassion, joy, or bliss is experienced, those all have a foundation in love. 

Love Transforms Lower Vibrational Energies

The power of love transforms all low vibrational energies.

Infusing your mind, body, and spirit with love from the angels and source light gently breaks apart energetic blocks. And, any heavy energies within you that no longer serve you.

So they can be removed from you and taken back to source where they are transformed into love. 

Why is Self-Love Important?

Increasing the amount of self-love that you have makes your vibration continue to rise higher. This assists you in ascending higher and higher. Remember that there are no limits during this lifetime with how high you can ascend.

Self-love is powerful and healing. Plus, it attracts more love into your life.

People are more magnetized to you when you are radiating love, Additionally, you attract more abundance into your life. And your relationships and friendships are more joyful and loving. 

How to Increase Your Self-Love

Increasing your self-love is something that should be practiced on a daily basis. This does not have to be in big ways. For it is often an accumulation of many small things adding up over time that increases your self-love.

Each day, ensure that you are properly taking care of yourself because this is an act of self-love. Ensure that you have plenty of sleep, pure water, healthy foods, time to relax, and a healthy balance between work and play.

These are the best way to start practicing more self-love along with being a great way for you to monitor your progress anytime.

Reflect upon these basic things to see where you are at. We suggest checking in on your progress once a month and making adjustments as needed. 

Forgiveness is an Act of Love

Part of self-love means practicing forgiveness. As things appear in life, forgive yourself and others.

Humans make mistakes because it is how people learn, grow, and evolve as a soul in human form. You are on Earth to learn, shine brightly, and to assist others with learning and growing.

Forgiveness is also very powerful in a similar way that love is powerful. Both have the ability to heal, uplift, and transform lives for the better. 

Begin to Transform Challenges into Love

Life does not have to be a continuous struggle. However, all improvements must begin with you. Make the decision today to transform one part of your life.

Where do you want to see improvements?

Exactly what is holding you back right now?

How can you improve upon your challenges right now?

What is one thing you can do today to modify your thoughts and change your perspective about your challenges?

Is healing from the past or from a present struggle needed so you can move forward in life?

When writing down your answers to these questions, remember that the angels are always here to help you. And when you work with angels, progress often occurs faster especially when you follow their guidance.

Do your part to contribute to the positive transformations you desire to make in your life. And the angels will lead you every step of the way. 

Do You Respond with Love?

Are you able to remain neutral and/or loving when you are faced with a negative person?

When you notice another person struggling, do you silently send angels and love to help that person?

Is it easy for you to remain centered within love and light, or to return to love when external situations in your life are undesirable?

Your answers reveal where you are doing well, and where modifications can be made toward moving more into love. 

How to Easily Increase The Power of Love Emanating From Your Heart

The easiest way is by connecting to archangels and asking them to flow love directly from source light into you.

Sit with your eyes closed while taking deep breaths. And imagine pink and white light flowing all around you and through you.

Then, ask the archangels to fill you up with love and light. Pause for at least a minute so the angels can do this work for you.

Finally, thank the angels.

It does not take very long to tune into the power of love in your heart. Allow the angels to flow love into you. Your role is connecting, asking, and relaxing within the beauty of your heart light while angels perform the work.

Focusing on the waterfall of light while relaxing helps your mind focus on the power of love in your heart. 

How to Use The Power of Love in Your Life?

A wonderful way that you can contribute to the ascension of humanity is by starting in your own life. When your thoughts, feelings, and actions are loving, this has a direct effect on the collective human consciousness.

You are uplifting humanity by focusing on your own life.

As a lightworker we understand the desire to do more. That is why we recommend this tool for spreading more love into the world.

Start by connecting to source light, flowing it through you, and grounding to Gaia.

Then, from your open heart set your intention. With help from angels, intend that with every breath in, you are bringing in more love and light into your heart. And with every exhale, this love and light ripples outward, stretching across the entire planet. It touches the lives of every person who is open to receiving love and light. 

The Power of Love Ripples Outward From Your Heart

Anytime you feel love, you are sending waves of love outward beyond your energy field. And beyond the people around you.

This powerful love from your heart continues to flow across the land to touch people that you have not even come in contact with.

Imagine how humanity would change if each person were to focus on feeling love and sending love to others.

When enough people reach this state of love their forces will all be joined together across the planet like a network. This network of people feeling love is a powerful and strong force.

It has the ability to directly contribute toward world peace as humanity continues to ascend.

There will be ups and downs as those who are not ready yet to live in love will continue on their pathways through life. While those who are ready will be uplifted even higher. 

World Peace will come from Love

Humanity is headed toward world peace with more people living a heart-centered life.

The exact timeline for this to occur is in a constant state of fluctuation due to free will choices. Some people are delaying progress.

While more people are awakening which is contributing to speeding up the timeline. When that time manifests in the physical, the power of love will win.

There will be World Peace. People's lives will be easier. And there will be oneness across the planet.

These times were predicted by ancient cultures and have already begun manifesting. Humanity will continue to have more shifts that take us closer and closer toward an even more beautiful world. All thanks to the power of love, and people like you who keep choosing to return to a state of love, peace and joy. 
Thank you, Orion and Archangels for this lovely message. Channeled by Brenda Lott.

Increase The Power of Love in Your Life Today

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As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

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