September Card Reading

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This September card reading reveals how you can claim your power.

Follow this guidance from angels to make the most of the energies present, so you can take steps toward reaching your dreams. 

September Angel Card Reading Channeled from Archangels Gabriel and Uriel

The overall energy for September is centered around awakening your heart to a new level. So you may discover your mission, or perhaps a new aspect of your soul purpose.

Take time to reflect upon your mission, why you are here, and the role you have to play.

If you are already fulfilling your soul purpose, look for a new direction or new perspective to appear.

Continue to listen to and trust your intuition while taking action steps toward creating the life that you are designing.

Like painting a blank canvas, design the details of the life you desire. Make the changes that you would like to have happen.

You already are a masterpiece while also remaining a work in progress. Claim your ability to modify any part of your artwork, your life, when you wish to change it.

Expand Your Heart Light

Expand your heart light by breathing white light into your heart chakra. And visualizing your heart light growing bigger with each breath.

See the beautiful diamond white light emanating from the depths of your soul. As the angels guide you to connect to your inner wisdom.

Breathe in white light into your heart. And with each exhale, imagine the diamond light within your heart expanding and growing bigger and brighter.

It is from within this heart space that you are connected to your soul and the wisdom of your higher self. From here, with assistance from Archangel Uriel, you are able to discover your mission for this lifetime. 

Answers Arrive on Strands of Light

This is also the place where you can tune in anytime for angelic guidance. The angels will flow the information into you. It can appear as an intuitive knowing, hearing the answer, or feeling the best option for you.

If you are faced with uncertainty, or confused about which direction to take, ask Archangel Uriel for clarity and an answer.

Then, pay attention to insights and genius ideas that pop into your mind out of nowhere. This is how angels answer you. Write it down immediately so you do not forget.

These types of answers and guidance arrive into your mind from the angels as light. Light passes through you, and is not remembered by the human mind in the same way that you remember other pieces of information. 

September’s Challenges

The challenges for September are related to taking big actions to cross the great waters toward your destination.

New possibilities may show up, however it could feel like there are challenges related to accepting them. Or that they are too big to achieve. Do not let those types of thoughts hold you back.

If your journey seems too overwhelming, pause for a moment and reflect upon what life will be like when you reach that destination point. And how wonderful your life will be when that dream comes true.

Then, return your focus to the present moment and look at only one step to take. View each step from a new perspective.

What one action can you take today toward achieving that dream?

Angelic Guidance for September

There is much guidance from the angelic realm for this month. Because big dreams require more time, dedication, encouragement, support, and motivation. 

Ground Your Energy Daily

First is the importance of grounding. Each morning, take a moment to connect to source light. Imagine a waterfall of white light flowing all around you and through you.

As the waterfall flows into your crown chakra at the top of your head, it flows through your central column of light. Then down into your feet. Imagine tree roots flowing from the bottoms of your feet all the way down to the center of Gaia.

This is where you connect to Earth light. Pause to feel your feet standing within the center of Gaia.

If grounding ever feels difficult to do, or if you are becoming ungrounded too easily, call upon grounding angels. They will step in to assist you immediately. 
Grounding in Nature
Another part of grounding is to reconnect with nature to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

If you cannot get outside, take a moment to look at some pictures of nature or watch a video with nature landscapes. Do this while imagining yourself being in each setting that you see.

If you look at an image of an ocean with the sandy beach, visualize yourself being on that beach. Hear the sounds of the waves gently crashing along the shoreline.

A cool or warm breeze blowing across your face. The warmth of the sun on your skin.

Energies from the waves flowing into you while rinsing away a layer of stress. Feel any tension melting away as you stand there on the shoreline.

Place yourself into each picture that you see to experience nature as if you were there. 

Tune into Your Intuition

Meditate regularly while listening to and trusting your intuition. When you enter into the space within your heart, you begin to awaken your intuitive abilities to new heights.

Your intuition is linked to the wisdom of your soul which will beautifully guide you through life. While angels walking along your side carry you higher.

Enter into the knowledge, skills, and wisdom of your soul which will uplift your life. While also infusing your surroundings with more peace, love, and harmony. 

Quiet Your Mind and Ego

During September, maintain a quiet mind. And aim toward calming down your mind each time it becomes too busy.

Remember to call upon Archangel Michael immediately if your ego gets loud or your mind is full of busyness. Specifically ask him to quiet your ego, and to help your mind remain calm, clear, and focused. 

What to Focus on During September

September is the time to focus on new beginnings. And break through the old to connect with your unlimited nature.

This is also a time to give your inner child some attention. Heal your inner child if needed. And take time to embrace the playfulness and innocence of your inner child. Additionally, feel the curiosity and wonderment of your inner child exploring your surroundings.

Allow unlimited possibilities to enter into your life. While remembering you are an unlimited, infinite soul of light shining vibrantly through your human vessel.

Reach high into the stars to claim the dreams and blessings that you can access with assistance from angels.

What to Expect as September Ends

The outcome for September is that you will have claimed your power in a new way.

When you follow this angelic guidance throughout this month, you will be taking inspired actions. While confidently knowing that you can achieve your greatest dreams.

Combine angelic assistance with the driving force of your solar plexus. This provides you with the motivation, willpower, and inspired action needed to cultivate your dreams. 

The Artwork Example

Think about drawing a beautiful picture of a flower. When creating the artwork, you draw one pedal at a time while designing the details of each pedal.

This is just another way to look at taking action steps. Creating your dreams is like drawing one beautiful petal on a flower at a time.

The goal is to finish the piece of artwork which will become a beautiful flower. With its beauty capturing the attention of others and inspiring people to follow their dreams too. Use this example as a format for achieving your greatest dreams.

Claim your power this month by inviting angels to help you each day and within every moment. 
Thank you, Archangels Gabriel and Uriel for these messages. Channeled by Brenda Lott.

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As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

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