Meaning of Angel Number 666

Angel Number 666
Has angel number 666 been popping up around you?

In this blog post, learn the important messages the angels are sending you through 666. 

Channeled Message from Archangels Michael and Raphael about Angel Number 666

Dear one, when you keep seeing angel number 666, it is a gentle sign that something is out of balance.

Angels only show you 666 in a loving and caring way as a delicate reminder. It is not to point out that you have made a mistake, nor that you have been slacking or doing anything wrong. It simply means to be careful in the present moment.

The choices and actions you have been making recently have caused unbalance. Angels care about you and love you so much that they are trying to help you regain balance and get back on track. So you do not have to travel down a more difficult road.

Angels want to support you and help you to regain balance. Please ask archangels daily for assistance until you have regained balance. 

Discover Blocks to Restore Balance

What part of your life might have become unbalanced? Or perhaps there are a few areas to address? Take a look at your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions right now. What is not serving you?

Is there a particular thought or feeling that does not feel good to you? Does it keep coming up?

This could be disharmony within a relationship or being unhappy with your present circumstances. Or feeling that you are being held back for any reason.

Part of restoring balance when you see angel number 666 is to discover the energetic blockage standing in your way. For it is always an energetic blockage that is the root cause of being unable to move forward in life. 

View Unwanted Energies from a Higher Perspective

Please remember to view unpleasant energies and blockages from a higher perspective. And without judging them.

Yes, they are within your energetic system. That is why you need to take responsibility through appropriate actions to remove them at the energetic level.

They will not go away on their own, but you can remove them with help from archangels. 

How to Discover Hidden Subconscious Mind Blocks

Take a moment to review your patterns and beliefs. What is in your subconscious mind that is holding you back?

Blocks within your subconscious mind always appear through your feelings. And are recognizable through the types of recurring challenges within your life.

You might have a belief based upon rejection in one form or another. This could be rejecting love, or rejecting financial abundance.

Once you are aware of the block, then you can work toward resolving it. 

Angel Number 666 Means Live in The Present Moment

666 is a reminder to focus on living in the present moment. Sometimes it can be easy for the mind to wander away from the present moment.

Angel number 666 is a wonderful time to evaluate if your mind is tuned into the past or future too much. Doing this shows you where blocks might be present.

Through awareness, you can release every thought and feeling that does not feel good to you. Do this through breathwork immediately as it arises.

Plus, do deeper cleanses with archangels to heal from those blockages. So you become free to leave them in the past and start traveling closer toward your dream life.

Connect with Your Soul as Part of Self Care

Are you unbalanced by giving too much to others without properly caring for yourself? Take a break away from everything.

Replenish your mind, body, and spirit with source light while cleansing away stresses and tensions. And remove heavy energies that your aura picked up from other people.

Imagine yourself standing in a waterfall of white light flowing down from above. Flowing all the way around you, through your aura, and flowing completely through your central column of light.

Visualize this light infusing every cell of your body to rinse away a layer of heavy energies, and to fill you back up with white light.

When seeing angel number 666 it is also a great time to reconnect with your soul. When you nourish your mind, body, and spirit, then you are able to help others in the best ways possible. 

Powerful Archangelic Support for You 

If you are struggling to discover the exact types of energetic blocks, or feel overwhelmed with so much to clear from the past, angels are here to help you. In an Angel Energy Healing session angels restore balance for you as quickly as possible.

It is the easiest way to heal and cleanse your energetic system on a deep level. A powerful team of archangels join together to serve you. They know your energetic system better than any human could ever know you. And they only provide you with benefits.

Powerful archangels merge their expertises to dive deep into your energetic system.

First they remove that which no longer serves you. After removing the energies that are ready to be removed, then they fill you up with new light. White light that heals you, nourishes your energetic system, and uplifts your vibration. 

Common Benefits

By focusing on cleansing and healing at the energetic level first, the benefits ripple outward. This happens with your mind, body, and spirit working together more harmoniously.

When you are balanced on all these levels, it is much easier to remain calm during stressful moments.

You may also notice other benefits within your mind, body, or spirit. These are unique to each individual.

However, there are some common benefits among the majority of people who receive Angel Energy Healing. A few of these include a renewed sense of balance, feeling peaceful, and energetically lighter and freer. 

Lean on Angels When Seeing Angel Number 666

Life is not always easy when you keep seeing angel number 666. Take this time to restore balance while leaning on angels for extra support. 

We send you a waterfall of rainbow light to rinse away a layer of stress, calm you, and ease your mind. We love you.
Thank you, Archangels Michael and Raphael for this caring, helpful message. Channeled by Brenda Lott

Summary of Angel Number 666

  • Regain balance in all areas of your life
  • Heal your mind, body, spirit, thoughts, and emotions to restore balance and harmony
  • View unpleasant energies from a higher perspective without judging
  • If anything does not feel good, clear it away so you can feel better
  • The main thing standing in your way is energetic blockages
  • Focus on living in the present moment
  • You already have everything within you to succeed at your dreams
  • It’s important to nurture yourself and recharge yourself first before giving to others
  • Reconnect with your soul
  • Find ways to serve at a higher level in life
  • The universe will take care of your material and emotional needs when you are fulfilling your soul purpose

As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

About the author
Brenda Lott
Brenda Lott is a certified channeler of angelic healing energies and angel messages. She is also founder of Her strong connection with the angelic realm allows her open heart to act as a bridge for the angels to flow healing energies to any person, pet, or physical location that is in needed of healing. 

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