How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Overcome Limiting Beliefs
Are you yearning to fulfill your true purpose? To feel more joy while doing something that truly fulfills you? You have a unique soul path to discover, yet why is it difficult to move forward into your divine destiny? Encountering limiting beliefs is one reason why. Overcoming these limiting beliefs is easier with help from archangels.

The journey to fulfilling your soul's purpose can be an illuminating and life-changing experience. End the stagnation to start achieving your highest potential and manifesting your biggest dreams.

It begins by identifying and replacing negative thoughts with more supportive ones. Then, transforming those negative beliefs into empowering ones.

In this channeled blog post, the angels help you identify where you may be stuck in a cycle of uncertainty and self-sabotage. And provide you with questions to answer so you can pinpoint limiting beliefs. 

Channeled Message to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Greetings from Orion and Archangel Gabriel. Dear One, as you travel along your ascension journey, you will begin to discover more of your unique soul gifts. Plus, unlock more of your unlimited potential for this lifetime.

After discovering your soul purpose, sometimes there may be hesitation with getting started.

The main reason why this occurs is often due to needing to overcome limiting beliefs. These could be from outdated human programming in combination with you holding yourself back. Or, they could be from past life trauma that is attached to a current lifetime soul lesson. 

Ego Mind Blocks

The ego mind will always be with you for your entire lifetime, and will always try to hold you back. However, as you ascend higher, your ego mind will advance with you. The ego will become more clever in its tactics and how it tries to hold you back.

Mastering awareness assists you in more easily recognizing when the ego mind is trying to hold you back through limiting beliefs.

Sometimes the ego mind is your biggest block because the ego dislikes change. The ego is fearful of change because it does not know what to expect. And it does not know whether or not you will be safe when encountering changes.

Recognizing when the ego mind is creating limiting beliefs helps you to stop them and conquer them. 

How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs from the Ego

When the ego mind becomes loud, or is trying to hold you back, ask Archangel Michael to calm and quiet your ego mind. It is also recommended to ask for this assistance on a daily basis. Because your ego is always there working to try to hold you back in life.

Please do not see the ego mind as a part of you that you dislike. Instead, thank the ego for doing its job at trying to keep you safe. And then let the ego know that you are safe. You can even think of it as talking to your ego like talking to a young child. 

Questions to Help Discover Limiting Beliefs

When you are struggling with overcoming limiting beliefs, ask yourself these questions. And make a list of all your answers.

Exactly what is holding you back from taking the leap toward your biggest dreams?

Is there an energetic issue, such as a past life trauma or ancestral lineage patterning getting in the way?

Perhaps your own subconscious mind beliefs, especially those that you picked up from other people are the issue.

What are you clinging onto? Examine what is delaying you from taking action steps toward achieving your soul purpose.

Does your root chakra need more cleansing and healing? Signs of root chakra blockages include trust issues, insecurity, doubt, and worry. Plus, extended amounts of time where you feel ungrounded.

Is there a pattern among these items on your list? If yes, this is where the issue lies. 

Take One Step Toward Your Dreams

What do you need to heal from, so you can begin fulfilling your soul purpose? Is there a particular situation from the past that is keeping fear within you?

Notice if there is a way you can start working on your soul purpose while feeling safe and protected.

Which types of feelings arise when you think about certain unawakened people finding out about your gifts? Would that person criticize or reject you?

What if you could start fulfilling your soul purpose right now, knowing that angels will protect you?

Could you start a website, YouTube channel, or social media account under a business name or unique name to share your gifts?

Ask the angels for the best route to start filling your soul purpose in a way that you feel safe and protected. 

Release the Fears

Release the fears to fulfill your soul purpose in ways that bring you joy. Archangels Michael and Metatron will protect you; just ask for their help.

It is okay to remain quiet and not share your gifts with the unawakened people in your life who you know would be unsupportive. This is a form of self care because you know how they will react in unkind ways. These are the people who are not ready for your gifts yet because their souls have not evolved high enough to be a match to your gifts.

The right people who are aligned with you, and who need your gifts, are the people who will find you. And the angels will lead the right people to you when you are sharing your gifts with others. 

Overcome Limiting Beliefs Related to Past Traumas

When you have limiting beliefs from past traumas, be gentle and patient with the process. The layers from old trauma can be very deep.

If it is a past life issue, it may require much more time to fully resolve, especially if it is tied to your current lifetime soul lessons.

When this is the case, then it is important to keep taking steps outside of your comfort zone.

One little step at a time is all it takes. And the more you keep taking one step after another, those deeper layers will break apart and be healed through your life experiences.

There are a couple ways to overcome limiting beliefs that are within your subconscious mind. Utilize positive affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind. If affirmations are ineffective, then try subliminal programming to reprogram your subconscious mind. 

Succeed with Angelic Guidance and Support

Overcoming limiting beliefs and past traumas is a challenge that is best achieved one little step at a time. You may reach a point where you wish to dive in deeper. However, starting with just one tiny step is all it takes. And then take the next step and another.

Lean on the angels anytime for support and guidance. Plus, keep asking the angels to help you step out of your comfort zone. 

Shine Confidently, Beautiful Soul

You are here on Earth at this time to shine brightly; not to hold back for too long. Humanity needs you to utilize your unique gifts to their fullest. And you can do this in a way that you choose to use them. Start out small if needed and keep taking steps outside of your comfort zone.

Remember that you are unlimited, and that there is always a higher level to reach in the future.

We send you our blessings. And a waterfall of rainbow light. To provide you with the cleansing, healing, and encouragement that you need to overcome your biggest limitation. So you can begin sharing your gifts in the world in a bigger way. We love you. 
Thank you, Orion and Archangel Gabriel for this message. Channeled by Brenda Lott.

Extra Help for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Obtain powerful help from archangels to assist with overcoming limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life. Do this by receiving Angel Energy Healing or Arcfusion Energy Healing.

Both of these are wonderful ways to begin removing limiting beliefs. And to start feeling better so you can take more steps forward. 

As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

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