Channeled Angel Message for 2023

Channeled angel message
In this channeled angel message, discover the types of energies present during 2023. And find out what to focus on to make this a wonderful year of growth on your ascension journey.

Channeled Message From The Council of Light

Greetings from the Council of Light. We wish you all a warm welcome into this new year of 2023.

The overall energies this year are related to spirituality. Especially with focusing inward, and continuing to take steps to ascend higher on your own personal journey.

Any efforts or activities that you do related to self improvement are highly supported. Along with taking steps to share your unique gifts in the world. For these are the best uses of the energies throughout this entire year.

Spend adequate time on self love, self care, and ascending higher. All these will significantly contribute to your soul evolving along with helping you make this a wonderful year. 

Step up to Help Humanity Globally

What you can expect globally this year is tensions arising between particular countries. As a lightworker, you are highly encouraged to assist humanity in healing during times of disharmony. You can do this by sending the violet flame into countries. Plus, white light to help heal the innocent people affected.

By helping humanity in this way, you are also receiving benefits. Because being connected to the violet flame and angels is simultaneously providing you with cleansing. Plus, peace, healing, and relaxation for yourself. 

The Massive Awakening Continues

Humanity has already begun a massive awakening process that will continue through the year 2032. This is when humanity is expected to reach 5D.

As you progress on your personal ascension journey, you are being asked to please assist others who are presently unawakened. When someone comes to you with questions, please take the time needed to show them the light that their soul is desperately seeking out.

It is often best to do this in a private setting. Whether through a phone call, in-person conversation, or through messaging. This approach will help the other person to open up to you about their questions. While helping them feel safe and protected from others who may be around them who are not ready yet to hear this information.

Light Exposing Darkness

Humanity is splitting between light and dark. Some people are not ready to awaken and are choosing to remain unawakened. They will be given more opportunities to awaken from now until Earth reaches 5D.

There are also massive waves of change occurring across the world. These will affect governments and large corporations. Particularly those that have controlled or harmed people. A bright spotlight will reveal where there has been deception. And any other previously hidden activities where innocent people were taken advantage of or deceived.

These leaders, governments, and corporations that were controlling people will come tumbling down. This is to make space for a new way, for a much better and improved way of living for humanity.

Bright light will expose where darkness is so people have the freedom to make better choices. To choose better government officials, and stop supporting companies that have been causing harm. 

The Golden Age Predicted by Ancient Cultures

These present days of mass awakening and humanity shifting into the golden age has been predicted for thousands of years. Ancient cultures knew that these days would be arriving.

They knew there would be a major transformation. A time where both humanity and Gaia purge density, wounds, and low vibrational energies from the past. All to step up into a new way of living a much better and improved lifestyle.

This transformational phase we are in is assisting humanity and Gaia in healing at a very deep and profound level. All that no longer serves and all that is holding us back needs to be transmuted.

For when these old wounds are healed, then more light enters into each individual, and into the collective consciousness. Additionally, this new light is contributing to Gaia unlocking higher levels of light that have been buried. 

Be a Wayshower for One Person

The energies of this year are best utilized by focusing on your own ascension journey along with how you can step up to help others see the light. Show them the way.

You do not have to become a teacher or have your own business to contribute to this massive change. Achieve this by helping one person.

When each lightworker helps just one other person, on a global scale that amount of change is massive.

You are part of a team of lightworkers stretching all across planet Earth. The individual lights of each of us merge together to heal and uplift your own life and the lives of others around you. 

Your Unique Gifts are Needed

You are very much needed at this time on Earth which is why you chose to come here to shine brightly. Focus within your heart. And ask your soul what gifts you have that the world needs you to share.

The answer lies within your passions.

If you do not know your soul purpose yet, ask Archangel Uriel to lead you to the people, places, and information that contains the answer. Plus, ask Archangel Uriel to help you very clearly see and understand your soul purpose for this lifetime. 

Oneness Between Your Soul and Your Human Self

You are an unlimited soul of light shining brightly through your human experiences. Your soul is within your human body. It is in your human heart. And it shines through your actions, your words, your intentions.

Every act of kindness and the love that you express into the world is your soul shining from within.

Each smile, every moment of laughter, and the joy that you express as your human self is the light of your soul glowing brightly as one with your human self. Radiating the beautiful and powerful love and light from within your heart and soul out into the world. 

The Ripple Effect is Extremely Powerful

When this powerful love within your heart expands, it always heals and uplifts you first. Then, it continues to ripple outward to touch the lives of other people in the most beautiful and magical way that most humans do not fully see.

Those of us in the angelic realm see how beautiful and special this process is.

As humans, your minds do not fully comprehend everything that is possible in the universe. This is okay. Because in human form, you are here to learn and grow through human life experiences. So your soul can continue to evolve and ascend higher.

You are divine. The love and light within you is powerful. Which also means you as a human are powerful. It is not only your soul that is unlimited. You in human form are also very powerful.

Download What You Need From Source

Each day focus within your heart and connect to source light. If it makes you feel better, ask the angels to assist you with this process.

Ask to download unconditional love into you. This energetic download will instantly begin. And your energetic system will contain these high vibrational frequencies of love that your soul will integrate.

If there is anything else that you need or want from source to assist you in making life a little easier, ask for it.

As an example, look at your biggest challenge. What is it related to? Do you have a hard time trusting others? You may be working on improving this, however there is more help available. Download trust into you directly from source. It is that simple. 

Ask for Downloads Daily

When you keep asking daily to download love, trust, and anything else you need from source, it will assist you. Everything always begins at the energetic level.

Sometimes these downloads require time to integrate into your system. However, they will be within you ready to unlock when your soul is ready to use them.

Do you need more confidence? Whether it is to overcome shyness or to take a leap to start sharing your unique gifts with the world, ask source to download confidence into you each day. It only takes 30 seconds to one minute to do this.

Close your eyes. Focus within your heart and on the waterfall of light around you. Set the intention that you are connected to source. Then simply say “download unconditional love, download trust, download confidence.” And download whatever else you need. End by saying thank you. 
Expressing Gratitude Elevates Your Vibration 
When you show gratitude for anything, you are attracting more things into your life to be grateful for. That is the Law of Attraction at work. The Universe notices and will respond to your higher energetic vibration.

Gratitude might seem so simple to do, yet it is extremely powerful. It increases your vibration and helps you to maintain a higher vibration.

Gratitude will carry you far and provide you with a very solid foundation. The type of foundation that you can keep returning to on days when life is challenging. 

Soar Higher in 2023

Keep asking the angels for assistance and do your part through action steps. This year has immense potential to be wonderful for you. It all starts internally through your energy, through maintaining awareness, and by healing as things arise.

Any tensions and disharmony within the world and around you are signs of where other people are in great need of healing. Send healing, love, light, and angels into the world where it is needed.

By recognizing when and where healing is needed, you can make a difference. Do not allow the ego mind to tell you otherwise.

The ego will ascend and advance with you, and become more clever in its attempts at how it tries to hold you back. Keep calming the ego with help from Archangel Michael. And soar as high as you choose to go during this year and lifetime. 

Confidently Shine Brighter

You are unlimited. Shine brightly and live a life that is filled with abundances and joy.

At this time, we send you a golden waterfall of light that first cleanses you. And then helps you to heal more so you can be more open to receive the blessings arriving this year.

We thank you for contributing to humanity and the Earth ascending. From all of us in the angelic realm, we love you unconditionally, and we send you blessings. 
Thanks to the Council of Light for this message. Channeled by Brenda Lott.

As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

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Brenda Lott
Brenda is a certified channeler of angelic healing energies and angel messages. She is also founder of Her strong connection with the angelic realm allows her open heart to act as a bridge for the angels to flow healing energies to any person, pet, or physical location that is in needed of cleansing, healing, and rejuvenation. 
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  1. Thank you Brenda for this beautiful and empowering message for 2023 from the Council of Light. Sending you deep love and blessings of support from my spiritual team in growing enlightened connections with those near you in you physical community.

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