Who Is Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel, and specializes in the area of communication. Gabriel shows up as either masculine or feminine energy. It always depends on the type of support you need in the present moment. And, it does not matter if you refer to Archangel Gabriel as he or she. Whichever one you prefer is usually based upon your first experience when connecting with Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel Always Stays With You

Once Archangel Gabriel has been sent to help you, she will remain with you for the rest of your life. Her colors are white, gold, and copper. And, her energy feels very cheerful, joyful, and bubbly.

When connecting with Archangel Gabriel, her loving energy immediately wraps you in a warm hug. Her divine love is commonly felt in your heart chakra.

When Archangel Gabriel connects with you, the first thing she does is uses healing light to cleanse away whatever is holding you back in life. After that, she brings in white light from the top of your head and flows it into your throat chakra to cleanse it. You might even feel tingling in your throat chakra as she heals it with divine love. She does this so you're able to speak your truth and complete your life mission without fear. 

Opens Your Throat Chakra

As the archangel of communication, Archangel Gabriel assists you in opening up your throat chakra. It's easy to notice the improvement after she clears away density within this chakra. If you have a hard time speaking up about something she will heal your throat chakra.

By removing layers of density, feelings of being small, and fears within your throat chakra, you’re able to gain confidence. And, feel safe in sharing your unique gifts with the world.

Reveals Your Soul Purpose

Archangel Gabriel specializes in helping you with new beginnings in your life. She especially loves helping you discover your soul purpose. Once you know your soul purpose, then she aids you in taking steps to fulfill it. The process always begins by completely cleansing your throat chakra from density. Once it's clear, then it's easier to understand and complete your life mission.

If you feel like your life is not fulfilling, or if you’ve strayed away from your purpose, Archangel Gabriel begins helping by nurturing your soul. Then she helps you get back on track. Ask her to help you with this if needed, and be open to taking action steps when guidance appears.

Ego Mind Versus The Soul

Once you understand who you are, and what your mission is in life, Archangel Gabriel will help you express it. After discovering your soul purpose, it's common for your ego mind to try to hold you back. It senses that your soul is preparing for a big change. This makes the ego respond with fear and negative thoughts. When this happens, call upon both Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel for help. Ask them both to work together to help you quiet your ego mind. And, continue asking for their assistance every time your ego tries to interfere in your life.

Archangel Gabriel also helps you in accepting your truth as an infinite soul first to yourself. So then you can open up to the world, and shine your inner light brightly. When you're fully aligned with your soul purpose, and living your mission, life feels wonderful. 

Helps People With Artistic Careers

If your life purpose is in the area of arts or communication, Archangel Gabriel will act as an inspirational mentor for you. She aids artists, authors, and those who work as any type of communicator. She also assists you in overcoming fears and procrastination. 

Supports All Forms of Communication

You can call upon Archangel Gabriel when you want guidance while talking to someone. She helps you effectively communicate with others. This includes bringing in divine love into the space. And, ensuring your words are clearly received by the other person.

Even if you're arguing with someone, Gabriel can help both of you to clearly listen, hear, and express what you need to say. At the same time, she helps both you and the other person to speak in a more loving way towards each other.

If you’re in a leadership role where you communicate with others she can be a great help when you ask for assistance.

Archangel Gabriel enjoys helping you with anything creative. This includes when you're writing, speaking, or creating a physical object.

How Archangel Gabriel Works With You

Archangel Gabriel drives you and inspires you to take actions that lead to beneficial results. Plus, she assists you in clearly knowing which step to take next. If you’re unsure about your current action step, ask to receive clarification in a way that you can understand.

Archangel Gabriel delivers messages to you through flashes of inspiration and instant visions. And, she always brings you the message that is best for you in the present moment.

Additionally, she always watches how you respond to her messages. And, encourages you to follow through with the wisdom provided. When you receive a message about a step to take, be sure to complete that action with love. If you’re tired, stressed, or don’t feel like doing anything in the moment, then take a break and come back to it later. 

Trusting Your Messages

When you ask Archangel Gabriel for help, it’s important to trust the messages you receive, and to take action. By doing your part, Archangel Gabriel will make a stronger presence in your life to continue helping you.

Part of the process involves encouraging you to improve your current situation. She does this by bringing you divine healing light to boost your self-worth, emotions, and mind. When you're feeling good on the inside, it's easier to trust angelic messages. And, to take actions on the guidance received. 

Dream Interpretation and Spiritual Insights

When you don’t understand a dream or spiritual vision, Archangel Gabriel can help you interpret the meaning. Ask her to specifically assist you in the process, and to trust your intuition.

She also supports you in opening up your third eye. And, when you’re struggling with receiving angelic messages. Or, if you feel disconnected from your guidance team, Archangel Gabriel can restore the connection. However, she often requires you to take action in helping with the process. This can be as simple as cleansing your chakras. But, might also include further action steps. 

Support For Families and Children

If you’re considering starting a family, Archangel Gabriel can assist with conception, or the adoption process. Ask her for the exact type of help you want. When adopting, she can aid in making the stages of adoption flow easier.

Also, call upon Archangel Gabriel if your child needs help in school. Or, if you’re a teacher and need special help with one child or an entire class.

Other Ways Archangel Gabriel Assists You

  • Boosts your emotions
  • Flows calming energy to you when dealing with anxiety
  • Supports you when you’re changing careers
  • Guidance when you're moving to a new home, or making a big purchase
  • Works with Archangel Raphaël to release toxins in your energetic system
  • Comforts women who have been assaulted, and aids in the healing process
  • Assists when you have energetically absorbed another person’s problems
  • Teams up with Archangel Raphael to heal you when you're dealing with psychic attacks 

Various Forms of Healing

At times, angelic healing arrives in the form of doing something that will have a healing effect on you. This can include taking a walk in nature, or enjoying a hobby. Pay attention to these types of signs because they can play a vital role in your journey. These types of healing activities can also realign you with your soul purpose.

Archangel Gabriel Delivers Divine Messages With Love

Archangel Gabriel is available anytime to provide you with divine love. And, to bring you the messages you need most in the present moment. She also loves helping you make the right decisions when you're considering big changes in life.

Remember that once Archangel Gabriel has been sent to help you, she will remain with you for the rest of your life. Keep asking her for assistance, and enjoy the warm embrace she wraps you in every time you connect with her.

As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

About the author
Brenda Lott
Brenda is a certified channeler of angelic healing energies and angel messages. She is also founder of angel-sparkles.com. Her strong connection with the angelic realm allows her open heart to act as a bridge for the angels to flow healing energies to any person, pet, or physical location that is in needed of cleansing, healing, and rejuvenation. 

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