Meaning of Angel Number 11:11

Angel Number 11:11
Do you often see angel number 11:11 on clocks, license plates, or in other random places?

If so, this number can have various meanings depending on how far you have traveled on your ascension journey.

The channeled message in this blog post will explain the meaning of angel number 11:11. And how to interpret its symbolism at various times on your ascension journey. 

Channeled Message from The Council of Light about Angel Number 11:11

Dearest beloved soul, when you see 11:11, it holds different meanings based upon where you are at on your ascension journey.

When the 11:11 code first begins showing up in your life, it is a sign of spiritual awakening. An indicator that you are ready to begin an ascension journey. And that your soul has chosen this awakening to be a significant part of your life's purpose.

As you progress further along your ascension journey, angel number 11:11 appears at various times.

The 11:11 code is often a signal to start ascending even higher. And to increase your vibration to the next level.

During these times when angel number 11:11 appears, follow the guidance that you receive from the angels. And trust your intuition to discover its exact meaning for you in the present moment. 

Download New Light Codes When Seeing Angel Number 11:11

The 11:11 code indicates that the present moment is an optimal time to ask for new light codes to be downloaded into you.

These may flow into you without you requesting them. However, now is the time to specifically ask to receive new light codes.

It only takes a few seconds to say: “Universe, please download into me all new light codes that I am ready to receive. Thank you.”

After making this request, spend a quiet moment relaxing to give the light codes an opportunity to flow into you.

There is nothing special you need to do to unpack these light codes. Your energetic system automatically opens and integrates them in a gentle way.

You may or may not recognize them working. It is okay if you do not notice them for they are working within your life in the ways that they are intended to work. 

New Light Codes Integrating within You

As you reach higher and higher levels on your ascension journey, you will awaken to greater levels of high vibrational light.

Your energetic system is always evolving to open you up to carry new light codes within you.

This progression takes time because as you shed away the layers of the past, you open yourself up to receive and hold higher vibrational light. As the light codes automatically assimilate within you, it allows you to ascend to the next highest level. 

Broaden Your Heart Light and Consciousness

When you see angel number 11:11, take a moment to open your heart up even wider.

And expand your consciousness even further across the universe.

By keeping an open heart, your soul is able to shine brighter in the world. And it assists you in sharing your soul's gifts through fulfilling your soul purpose.

As your consciousness expands wider, it assists you reaching the stage of enlightenment, and feeling more oneness with all that is. 

Sense Your Oneness

Angel number 11:11 symbolizes oneness. Tune into your oneness with source light, your oneness with the Earth, and your oneness with all it is.

You are connected to everything and everyone through the one source light that created all that is.

Yet, you will always be uniquely you. With your own unique set of gifts, your special soul song, your own extraordinary energetic signature, you are still part of one light. 

A New Chapter Beginning in Your Life

There are times when the 11:11 code may signify a new chapter in your life that is beginning. This is especially true if it relates to stepping up higher onto your next highest timeline.

Anytime you see 11:11, know that it is indicating you are on the correct pathway for your life.

Tune into your intuition while trusting the messages and wisdom from your soul. It is this wisdom combined with angelic guidance that is always leading you in the right direction within each present moment. 

Important Clarification Between Angel Number 11:11 and Angel Number 111

We would like to take a moment to clarify the difference between seeing 11:11 and angel number 111.

To maintain consistency and clarity, each time you see the number one repeating four times in a row, it always means 11:11.

When the angels show you angel number 111, it will appear as the number one repeating two times, three times, or five or more times in a row.

The only time that the number one digit means 11:11 is when it repeats four times in a row, which is seen as 1111 or 11:11. 

You are an Meaningful Bridge

You are an important bridge between the angelic realm and Earth.

Because you are an open gateway for source light and love to flow down through you, and outward across the planet. This makes you an essential part of the angels delivering more of their work to humanity.

Cherish this gift as much as all of us in the angelic realm honor, cherish, and love you for the work that you are doing on the human plane. 

Your Assistance is Greatly Appreciated

Even when you only say a simple request to send angels to help another person, you are helping significantly.

For it is through you giving angels permission to assist, that you remove the barrier of the Law of Free Will so we can step in to help.

As you venture higher on your ascension journey, we are here with you always serving humanity side by side, hand in hand with you.

We send you blessings, love, and light to uplift you and assist you in ascending even higher. 
Thank you very much to the Council of Light for this message. Channeled by Brenda Lott

Summary of Angel Number 11:11

  • A code of awakening
  • Early in your journey, 11:11 is a sign to wake up to the truths of the universe
  • Later in your spiritual journey, 11:11 signifies a new chapter, and that you are on the correct pathway for your life
  • Ascend higher on your spiritual path
  • Increase your vibration
  • Open your mind to expand your consciousness further
  • Ensure your heart remains open
  • Connect with angels and tune into their messages
  • Focus within your heart and follow your intuition
  • Feel your oneness with source light, the earth, and all that is
  • Important time to download new light codes

Guidance for Your Ascension Journey

When you see angel number 11:11, discover how to accelerate your journey by finding out the exact messages angels have for you.

Get an angel oracle card reading with guidance for the next few months of your ascension journey. 

As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

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