22 Angel Signs

Angel Signs
You may have noticed a feather in an unexpected place, or felt a sense of peace come over you when no one is around. It might seem like a coincidence but it could be an angel sign sent your way from the divine realms.

Angels communicate with you through signs and symbols to bring you comfort, hope, and clarity.

If you are wondering how to recognize common angel signs that appear around you, then this blog post is for you. It will provide you with insights into understanding and recognizing signs from angels.

Plus, learn how to discover the meaning of the sign to understand how it relates to your life.

Read on to start recognizing these subtle yet powerful clues letting you know that angels are near you.

Understanding Angel Signs

Angels are always sending you signs and messages, whether you realize it or not.

The more you pay attention to angel signs, the more often the angels will send you signs and messages.

Understanding angel signs can provide you with the answers, clarity, and guidance you seek. When you notice a sign, take a moment to reflect upon your current situation. And see how it relates to the meaning of the angel sign.

These divine clues are like breadcrumbs, leading you toward a solution or to help you find clarity. Allow yourself to open up to guidance provided by the angelic realm and trust that they will help you overcome any obstacles. Remember, the angels are constantly around you. And with an open heart and mind, you can learn to recognize the signs and messages that are intended for you. 

22 Common Angel Signs

Each time you notice an angel sign, reflect upon what you were just thinking about, or what you were just doing. Signs often appear at the same moment when you are thinking or doing something that relates to the sign itself.

If you cannot link the sign to what you were doing in the exact moment that it appeared, then think about your current situations in life. Examine the meaning of the angel sign for insight into what it means for your situation.

Did you recently ask the angels for a sign? If yes, pay attention to the meaning of the angel sign and see how it might be answering your question. Or providing you with guidance about which direction to go in.

Let’s look at 22 ways angels send you beautiful signs that they are near you and guiding you. 

1. Finding Feathers

One of the most common angel signs is seeing a feather whether it is indoors or outside.

You might find a small feather laying around your home. Or, a tiny white feather might start falling in front of you. Sometimes a falling feather might even completely disappear before it reaches the floor.

If you find a feather outside, enjoy its beauty, and take a moment to thank the angels.

It is important to know that in some countries it is illegal to remove feathers from where they naturally fell on the ground. If you do not know the local laws, take a picture of the feather instead. Taking a moment to notice the feather and thanking the angels is plenty to show them your appreciation. 
Meanings of Colored Feathers
White Feathers
Angels are protecting you and supporting you. Stay positive and hopeful.

Pink Feathers
Remember that angels always love you unconditionally. Find inspiration by tuning into the love within your heart that the angels are flowing into you.

Red Feathers
Remember that strength, courage, and passion are already within you. Angels are helping you with stability.

Orange Feathers
Trust your intuition, stay positive, and allow your creativity flow.

Yellow Feathers
Focus on living in the present moment, and stay focused on what you desire to attract into your life. Remain happy and upbeat.

Green Feathers
Positive opportunities, abundance, love, and overall well-being.

Blue Feathers
Calming and relaxing energies are flowing into you from the angels. Maintain awareness and good communication especially by listening to what others are saying.

Purple/Violet Feathers
Spirituality, transformations, and increased intuitive insights.

Grey Feathers
Your question does not have a definitive yes or no answer. Return to inner peace.

Brown Feathers
Respect and positivity. Balance spirituality and your physical life experiences. Stay grounded in all areas of life.

Black Feathers
Angels are protecting you. The wisdom needed for your situation is already within you; access it by connecting to your soul's wisdom through your heart and intuition. 

2. Seeing Rainbows

Rainbows can appear in various places in addition to seeing them in the sky.

An example is seeing a rainbow appear after you have asked angels for a sign. You might also see rainbows appear as sundogs. Or in images anywhere including in books, movies, or online.
Angels love sending you messages. Every time you notice a sign from the angelic realm, take a moment to say thanks. Angels love it when you acknowledge them and show them appreciation.

3. Finding Coins

Angels can place coins along your path, and will continue doing so if you keep picking them up. Coins are a sign that angels are near you and supporting you along your life path.

Coins along your path can also come from your loved ones in heaven when they want to show you they are still near you. 

4. Noticing Patterns In Clouds

Looking up at the sky and seeing a cloud in the shape of an angel is always special. It is even more magical when it is the only cloud in the sky.

Angelic signs found in the clouds can also appear in other shapes that have a significant meaning to you. These include seeing clouds in the shape of a heart or spirit animal. 

5. Seeing Sparkles of Light or Floating Orbs of Light

The first time you see angelic light, it is a special and memorable moment. You do not need to be in a meditative state to see angel lights. They can appear anytime and anywhere including when you are not expecting it.

Angels show up as white orbs of light that can move or be stationary. The white orb might remain in front of you for several seconds before disappearing.

Angels also appear as sparkles of light that could resemble fireworks or a shimmering waterfall of light. These sparkles can look similar to sunlight shimmering on the surface of a lake.

Orbs of light that are coming from an archangel will appear as colored light. Archangels have the ability to show you their orbs of light anytime. So, do not be surprised if an archangel shows up when you least expect it.

Click here to learn more about archangels.

6. Flickering Lamps or Light Bulbs

If you have ever noticed your lamp light flickering for no reason, it can be a sign from angels.

Additionally, it could be a sign from your loved ones who are in heaven. 

7. Song Lyrics

Hearing songs in your mind is a sign to pay close attention because the lyrics contain a message for you.

Have you ever woken up in the morning, or in the middle of the night with song lyrics playing through your mind? This is a sign from angels who are sending you a specific message.

When this happens, think about how it relates to things happening in your life in the present moment. Do the lyrics contain an answer to one of your questions?

Or, is it a message of love from the angels? Listen to your intuition to discover the answer. If you are unsure about the meaning, ask your guardian angel to clarify or send you a new message. 

8. Hearing Your Name Being Called

When you hear your name either audibly or in your mind, it is coming from angels, your guardian angel, or one of your spirit guides.

The easiest time to hear your name being called is when no one else is around you, and when you are in a quiet space. Usually, this happens when you are either close to falling asleep or right after waking up. It is easier to hear angels at these times because your mind is quiet.

The angels say your name because they are trying to get your attention. Or simply to let you know that they are there supporting you. 

9. Spirit Animals

Seeing your favorite animal, or your spirit animal, is another angel sign.

A spirit animal is any animal that you feel drawn to. If you feel a connection to more than one animal, it indicates that you have more than one spirit animal.

What does your favorite animal mean to you? Does it signify love, strength, courage, joy, or confidence?

When you see your spirit animal, it can be an angel sign to keep taking steps toward your dreams. Listen to your intuition to discover your personalized message from the angels.

Seeing your spirit animal may happen when you are outside. Or, it might show up in an image that appears on social media, on a website, in a book, etc.

Angels also like to send butterflies, birds, and dragonflies to you. 

10. Noticing Special Symbols or Shapes in Various Places

Do you have a symbol that has a special meaning to you? Such as the infinity symbol, a heart, star, flower, or angel wings?

Noticing a symbol that has a special meaning to you appear in unlikely places is another angel sign. Look for symbols inside clouds, foods, or when looking at a crystal.

An example is how the shape of a heart can symbolize angelic love. Heart shapes may appear as a wet spot on a towel, in droplets of water on the counter, or even in the rind of a watermelon. 

11. Feeling a Sense of Coolness

Angels are very high vibrational beings of light. That is why their presence can make you feel cold, or you might get chills or goosebumps when angels are close to you. 

12. Feeling Warm

Angels can make you feel warm when you are meditating, especially if you tend to get cold easily. They do this to help you be more comfortable so you will want to continue meditating.

13. Feeling a Presence Standing Behind You

Feeling a strong, comforting sense that someone is standing near you. This sensation can be so strong that it feels like another person standing behind you, until you turn around and do not see anyone.

You will know when it is an angel because their presence is calming and comforting.

If you sense anything that is not a loving presence, then it is most likely a dark spirit or entity. Immediately call in Archangel Michael, and ask him to remove the dark spirit and protect you. If this keeps occurring, especially within your home, it is important to take action. An Angel Energy Healing session is an effective way to remove dark entities. 

14. Feeling Wrapped in a Bubble of Love

This angel sign is common when you are meditating or connected to source light. But, it can happen anytime the angels are providing you with protection, and flowing love to you.

15. Unexpected Feelings of Love or Joy

When angels send you a wave of love, you might suddenly feel it in your heart chakra. It can also appear as feeling bubbly and overflowing with love and joy.

16. Tingling

Tingling in your entire body or only in one spot within the physical body is a sign that angels are very close to you. When tingling occurs in only one spot, it may indicate that angels are sending healing or cleansing energies into that area.

17. Feeling a Rush of Wind

Feeling a rush of wind flow past you when you are indoors and away from sources of air flowing is another angel sign.

18. Strong Intuitive Feelings

Pay attention to your intuition especially when the feelings are strong. Learn to trust your intuition. And, remember angels will provide clarification when you ask them for it.

19. Unexpected Reminders after You Forgot Something Important

You know that feeling of forgetting something important. The angels can help when an important thought pops into your mind, but you do not have time to write it down. Both angels and your spirit guides can help you remember it again later.

Rely on your spirit guide or guarding angel when you need to remember anything important. Simply think or say “Guardian Angel or Spirit guide please help me to remember _____ at ______ (a certain time), thank you.” Use their name if you know it. 

20. Floral Scent

Suddenly smelling flowers when you are not around any fresh flowers is an angel sign.

21. Angel Numbers

One of the most common ways that angels get your attention is by showing you angel numbers. The most common angel numbers are 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, and 11:11.

22. Angelic Communication through Sudden Thoughts, Feelings, or Impulses

Angels provide you with information through feelings, thoughts, and impulses. They bring thoughts to the front of your mind to get your attention when they want you to take a specific action. This may happen suddenly through your intuition too.

For example, have you ever had recurring thoughts about taking a course, but were not sure if it would be right for you? It could be a course, or taking any kind of action step. Especially if it is related to your dreams. Once you pay attention, then the angels will lead you to the next step.

Angels also lead you to people, places, and information that contain a message or answer for you.

Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and intuition. And recognize if a thought or feeling is coming from your soul, your ego mind, or the angels. 

How to Ask the Angels for a Sign or Message

It is easy to ask any angel or archangel for a sign or message.

Begin by taking a deep, relaxing breath and focusing within the center of your heart. The reason why is because sometimes the answer will appear immediately. When you are relaxed, it is easier to intuitively receive messages from the angels.

Next, ask for a sign to appear in a way that you can clearly understand the meaning of it. Or, ask for a message to your question.

An example of how to say this is:
“Angels (or the name of a specific archangel), please bring me a sign, and let it appear in a way that I can clearly understand. Thank you.”

Click here to learn more about communicating with angels and how to ask them for help. 

Cleanse Your Energy to Receive Messages Easier

When your energetic system is clear, it is much easier to communicate both ways with angels.

Keep your chakras and aura cleansed daily with this free meditation.

And utilize energy healing to remove energetic blocks and start feeling feel better. 

As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

About the author
Brenda Lott
Brenda is a certified channeler of angelic healing energies and angel messages. She is also founder of angel-sparkles.com. Her strong connection with the angelic realm allows her open heart to act as a bridge for the angels to flow healing energies to any person, pet, or physical location that is in needed of cleansing, healing, and rejuvenation. 
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  1. I found this message most helpful. I'm going through some tough times right now, and have notice some angel signs but didn't realize they were my angels watching over me! Thank you for this insight to the guardian angel realm! God Bless! Norma

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