Who is Archangel Michael and How can He Help You

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Have you ever heard of Archangel Michael? He is one of the most well-known and powerful archangels in the angelic realm.

Archangel Michael is often known for his protective energy, his strength, and his courage. Additionally, he is a powerful healer.

He is here to bring peace into your life, and offers you hope even in the darkest of moments. With his strength by your side, no challenge can stand in the way of unlocking a brighter tomorrow for yourself.

In this blog post, explore who Archangel Michael is, how he sends you information, and read a channeled message from him. Plus, discover the many ways that he can help you in your life. Keep reading to find out more. 

Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is the head angel who oversees all other angels. Anytime when you are unsure about which angel to call upon for help, always go to Archangel Michael. Because he has the ability to send you an archangel or team of angels that you need most for your situation.

He is also a powerful ally if you need to feel more secure or confident in your life. When you need a boost in either of these areas, simply call upon him, and he will be there instantly to start helping you.

Another thing Archangel Michael is well-known for is how he helps you release fears and doubts so you can move forward on your path.

One of his main roles is to protect and guide you on your spiritual journey in all ways.

How to Connect to Archangel Michael

To connect to Archangel Michael, take a few deep breaths to relax while quieting your mind. It helps to close your eyes so you can tune into his energy.

When you are relaxed and ready to connect, simply say out loud, or think in your mind: “Archangel Michael, please come in and connect with me now.”

Even if you do not sense him near you, always trust that he will show up within a few seconds.

Ask him a question or for assistance with anything. Then, always end by thanking him.

Every time you connect with Archangel Michael, you are only sensing a little piece of him. This is because his powerful energy is very massive. He has the ability to quickly and easily send out a wave of energy to the entire planet Earth to assist humanity. 

Recognizing when He is Near You

When he is nearby, you might feel a sudden surge of energy, or you might sense his presence in other ways. You might see flashes of light, feel a sudden breeze, or hear a voice in your mind.

His main color is royal blue. So if you see a royal blue light, know that Archangel Michael is showing you that he is close to you at that moment. He can also appear as a light shade of blue, red, or royal purple.

You might also sense that his energy feels very strong, powerful, and highly protective. 

How He Sends You Information

Archangel Michael sends you information in different ways. However, the most common way is through quickly receiving a download of all the information at once.

Think of it as being similar to downloading a zip file. When you open up a zip file, the compressed information opens up, and becomes available in a way that you can use it.

Other ways that you may receive information are through a sudden flash of insight, a brilliant idea, or being led to the answer. Which often occurs by finding the answer in written format, or while talking to someone.

How Archangel Michael Helps You

Archangel Michael can help you in many ways. However, it is important to remember the Law of Free Will.

Anytime you wish to receive angelic assistance, you must ask for help with exactly what you want help with. And, request assistance without telling the angels how you want things to happen.

Leave the route open for the angels to guide you, and only request your desired outcome when seeking angelic help. 

Offers Protection, Clarity, and Direction

If you need protection or feel unsafe in any way, Archangel Michael can offer comfort and assurance that you are being watched over and taken care of.

He is also a powerful ally if you are facing any kind of challenge or difficulty in your life.

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of your next steps, he can help you find clarity and direction. 

Calms and Quiets the Mind

He is also there to help if your mind starts racing.

It is the ego mind that creates thoughts that can run wild. Along with that negative little voice in your head that says you cannot do something. The ego can always come up with an excuse about why you should not do something.

Every person deals with the ego throughout life. And as you ascend higher, the ego advances along with you.

The ego often tries to hold you back in life and can be a major inhibitor to ascending higher and achieving your dreams.

The good news is that Archangel Michael will help you anytime to quiet your mind so you can keep moving forward in life. 

How to Gain Control over the Ego
  • Maintain awareness of your thoughts and feelings throughout each day
  • When you notice anything appear that does not feel good, pause and take a step back away from it
  • Do not allow the ego mind to spiral out of control
  • Recognize that it is only a low vibrational thought or feeling; it is not who you are
  • Ask Archangel Michael for help immediately to quiet your mind

Either say out loud or in your mind:
“Archangel Michael, please calm and quiet my ego mind. And so it is. Thank you.”

Feel free to ask Archangel Michael for this type of help multiple times a day if needed. The more you ask, the easier it will become to calm and quiet your mind quickly when it starts to spiral out of control.

If you also need assistance with focusing, add that into your request too. 

Archangel Michael’s Areas of Expertise

Archangel Michael is best known for providing protection, strength, and courage. However, these are only a few of his areas of expertise. The following lists contain several other ways he can help you.

Areas of Protection
  • Performs miracles to save lives
  • Provides protection and safety when you are traveling 
  • Protects you from low vibrational energies
  • Every time you get into a vehicle, ask Archangel Michael to protect you
  • Protects you physically and emotionally
  • Shields your home and the space around you
  • Assists with space clearing and releasing spirits
  • Protects your job and reputation including assisting with demanding deadlines
  • Watches over people serving in the military and serving in the police force
  • Assists with acts of bravery, and protects people who are performing heroic deeds
  • Supervises surgeries to ensure they are performed properly
  • Protects humanity against dark forces and negative entities
  • Guards against psychic attacks
Clears Low Vibrational Energies
  • Removes fears including when you are feeling unsafe
  • Clears away uncertainty so you can find clarity
  • Cuts etheric cords that are draining you
  • Helps when you have nightmares
  • Aids you in dealing with drama
  • Brings relief from discomforts, anxiety, and terminal illnesses
  • Clears away negativity from your life
  • Assists you in releasing limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions
More ways Archangel Michael Assists You
  • Discover your soul purpose
  • Helps when you need to make important life changes
  • Connects you to inner strength, courage, and love so you feel safe to move forward in life
  • Assists you with soul fragmentation
  • Guides you toward which step to take next in life
  • Helps you follow your truth and be true to who you really are
  • Supports you in becoming more angelic-like
  • Helps you become more centered so you can ascend higher
  • Supports you when you are lacking motivation, dedication, and direction in life
  • Boosts your worthiness, self-esteem, and vitality
  • Provides determination when you are struggling with completing a project 
  • When life is chaotic, he brings you order and assists you in getting organized
  • Provides a boost in confidence, integrity, and knowing the truth
  • Assists people who are suffering with an addiction
  • Brings you peace, harmony, and compassion
  • Can help with electrical and technology problems

Channeled Message from Archangel Michael

Greetings beloved soul. As you travel upon your journey through life, call upon me anytime for angelic assistance.

The angels know that life is not always easy for you, and that you endure challenges as a way for your soul to learn and evolve. During moments when you are struggling, reach up for help, and you will receive an entire team of angels. Who will remain dedicated to help you throughout the challenge.

As you seek out angelic assistance, you heal from the past, ascend higher, and connect to your unlimited potential. Along with mastering control over the ego mind and emotions. Which provides you with the freedom to co-create your dream life with the universe. 

Shine Your Magnificent Light

By focusing on ascending higher in your own life, you simultaneously uplift humanity. And the collective consciousness. It is this simple.

However, you may choose to go further to assist humanity through fulfilling your soul purpose. Because when you share your unique gifts in the world, you ripple joy and love outward. Touching the hearts and lives of people around you. And sparking a ripple effect that transcends fears to extend even further than you may imagine.

Take a moment to see the beauty within your soul that radiates through your open heart. Notice your unique gifts in the center of your soul. Confidently share these gifts in the world for this is how you joyfully fulfill your soul purpose.

And as you reach new heights, watch in amazement as your beautiful pathway through life abounds with even more blessings. 

Thank you, Archangel Michael. Channeled by Brenda Lott.

As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

About the author
Brenda Lott
Brenda is a certified channeler of angelic healing energies and angel messages. She is also founder of angel-sparkles.com. Her strong connection with the angelic realm allows her open heart to act as a bridge for the angels to flow healing energies to any person, pet, or physical location that is in needed of cleansing, healing, and rejuvenation. 
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