What is Angel Energy Healing

This post introduces you to the most important pieces of information regarding how and why angelic energy healing works well. 

You will learn about: 
  1. 1
    What angel energy healing is
  2. 2
    Why it works, and what is source light
  3. 3
    How angel energy healing can help you
  4. 4
    Differences between angelic healing and other healing modalities, such as Reiki
  5. 5
    How to open up to receive powerful healing energies from archangels

1. What Is Angel Energy Healing

Angel energy healing is the process of archangels flowing their powerful and loving energies through my heart chakra. From there, the energies flow towards a person, pet, relationship, specific location, wild animal, event, or even a situation.

Angel energy healing is a method for cleansing and uplifting the mind, body, and spirit at an energetic level. It refreshes the body’s entire chakra system and the body’s meridians (also known as Qi). Plus, it works both within the physical body and outward from the body to repair the aura. 

Where Do The Energies Come From?

The beautiful energies come directly from angels, archangels, and source light (more about what source light is later). Some people might experience physical healing benefits, but it's not guaranteed to happen for everyone. All forms of healing always begins at the energetic level. My role as a channeler is to be a bridge, through my open heart, between the angelic realm and earth. This connection helps the angels to more strongly send their energies toward you.

Soul Lessons Must Be Learned

Archangels also have the ability to cleanse your emotions by removing toxic thought patterns and beliefs stored within the subconscious mind. However, this only occurs if you have already learned the soul lessons related to those emotions. Angels love helping people. But due to the law of free will, they cannot interfere in our lives without us giving them permission. For example, let’s assume a person asks angels to help with a certain recurring challenge. But, the person has not yet fully learned the soul lesson from that situation. In this case the angels are limited to helping in ways that assist the person with learning the soul lesson first. Once the soul lesson has been learned, then angels have the ability to fully resolve the situation.

Benefit of Distance Sessions

Angel energy healing sessions can be conducted in person, but are more powerful when completed remotely. The reason is because the physical distance removes any nervousness the recipient may have about relaxing in an unfamiliar environment. When you're relaxed comfortably in your own home, it creates a stronger opening for you to receive the angelic energies.

Being open to archangels and their powerful healing energies increases your vibration, cleanses density in your chakras, and clears away debris within your aura. Oftentimes this clearing process creates feelings of relaxation, peace, and energetically feeling lighter.

2. Why Energy Healing With Archangels Works

First, it's important to know that everything in the universe is energy including humans. We are all energy, vibrating at various frequencies with an electromagnetic field surrounding our physical body. The reason why all energy clearing modalities work is because all humans are beings of light.

We're all eternal souls inhabiting a human body for the purpose of learning soul lessons while having a human experience. We come from light, we are light, and when the physical body’s life ends, we will return to the light. We live on forever as light beings. 

Your Inner Light System

Within each of us is an energetic light system that needs to be taken care of regularly. It's similar to how your physical body needs certain cares. The body’s energetic system includes the chakra system, meridians flowing through the body, and the aura surrounding the physical body.

Every day we're exposed to heavy energies from various sources. These include being around other people, watching the news, listening to music, and reading books. Even characters in movies can affect us at the energetic level. That is why it's common for people to sometimes cry or feel anxious during intense parts of movies.

All of these dense, lower vibrational energies accumulate first within the aura. From there, they move into the chakras, and then eventually flow out into the body’s meridians. At this point, having a clogged up energetic system can lead to experiencing health problems or not feeling well in general.

Benefits of Maintaining A Clear Chakra System

There are many benefits of clearing, and then maintaining your energetic system. When the natural flow of source light is able to circulate unrestricted through your chakra system, life feels wonderful. All areas of your life become easier, you feel better, and your dreams come true. Additionally, you'll be able to fully connect with your unlimited potential in life by successfully utilizing the law of attraction. 

What Is Source Light?

The natural flow of light that shines through us comes from two places. First, it comes from source light, which is also called Universal Life Force Energy. This is the origin of where all souls come from. All humans were created from the same vibrantly bright white source light. This light comes from above us, and it connects us all.

Second, the other stream of light is located within the center of the earth. At the core of the planet is a bright ball of divine source light. Both of these light sources are filled with unconditional love, and are incredibly refreshing to connect to. Allowing these sources of light to flow freely through you keeps your system clear, healthy, and your energetic vibration high.
Spiritual, but not religious
Angel energy healing is not based on religion. But, certain religions refer to source light as coming from God or heaven. Source light can also be called divine white light.

Throughout this website, the words "divine" and "spiritual" are also not intended to have any religious meaning. “Divine” is described as “excellent, delightful, lovely, or the spiritual aspect of humans.” The word “spiritual” means “relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

3. How A Distance Session Can Help You

While all individuals are different, some benefits are very common among the majority of recipients. Throughout the entire session, people often experience increased relaxation, peace, and calmness. Immediately after a session, and sometimes lasting for days, some people continue to feel relaxed and overall feel better. These benefits are the result of an increased vibration from energetically clearing away a layer of heavy energies. 

It's helpful to note that certain people may temporarily feel spacey or tired during or after a session. This can occur from the archangels flowing high vibrational energies through the body. Any tiredness or spacey feelings during a session typically goes away shortly after the session has ended. However, for individuals who tend to become tired easier, it's recommended to have time to rest afterwards. Or, to only receive a session shortly before going to sleep at night.

Sensations people have felt during sessions

  • Feeling energies shifting within you 
  • Feeling negativity and bad things being pushed out of you, and replaced with calmness, peace, and love
  • Seeing one or more colors, sometimes as colorful shapes
  • Tingling sensations in one spot, or in the entire body
  • Pulsating or pressure in certain areas
  • Sensing energy flowing throughout the entire body
  • Feeling love gently flowing through your heart chakra
  • Feeling someone shaking your hand, hugging you, or wrapping an arm around you (this is feeling the angels)
  • Hearing your name being called (again, this comes directly from the angels)
  • Sensing angels surrounding you and comforting you
  • Feeling a waterfall of light pouring down on you
  • Feeling a comforting sense of warmth
  • Receiving intuitive messages 
  • Feeling your heart chakra open up wide 
  • Although not common, tears may flow especially if a person has had an extra difficult life

Things people have experienced after sessions

  • Feeling relaxed, peaceful, and calmness, sometimes lasting for days
  • Significantly less stress for days, or even lasting longer
  • Not being bothered as much by challenging situations
  • Having everything go very well in all areas of life
  • Feeling like a huge weight has been lifted
  • Noticing yourself ascending higher and glowing brighter
  • Feeling more self-love and love towards others

After Your Session

The angels will continue to flow beautiful energies toward you for at least 24 hours after your session ends. It's recommended to drink water both before and after receiving a session to assist your body in remaining properly hydrated. This also assists the energies in flowing properly through your mind, body, and spirit.

It's recommended to receive follow-up sessions with archangels to continue advancing your mind, body, and spirit to its optimal energetic state. Sessions are especially helpful for people who do not cleanse their chakra system regularly. Because not using the chakras easily leads to blockages forming within them. When the natural flow of energies are blocked, it eventually causes problems. This includes the physical body’s health deteriorating over time.

4. Comparison of Various Energetic Healing Modalities

Angel energy healing differs from reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique; also known as tapping), sound healing, crystal healing, shamanic healing, and other chakra energy healing modalities. The reason why is because of how the archangels powerfully take care of you during a session. Angels completely surround you with their powerful energies throughout the entire session. Plus, the angels focus on whatever your soul and energetic systems needs the most in the present moment.

What The Archangels Do During A Session

During your entire session, the archangels simultaneously complete two processes. First, they cleanse away low vibrational energies including negativity, past hurts, stress, and other energetic blockages. This complex clearing process opens up the mind, body, and spirit to allow for optimal energy cleansing to occur. Second, high vibrational energies, including unconditional love and well-being, fill in the gaps that were previously occupied by lower vibrational energies. This process of how the angels powerfully work is what makes angel energy healing the best and most powerful energy work modality.

Example of How Archangels Energetically Heal You

Think of the mind, body, and spirit as being a glass filled with different colors of liquids. The colorful liquids represent a variety of energies. Removing the colored liquids that represent unpleasant energies opens up space inside the glass. Next, the empty spaces are filled up with angelic love and higher levels of light. When blockages that were previously interfering with the mind, body, and spirit are gone, light is able to flow freely again. The result is an increased vibration, ascending higher, and energetically feeling lighter.

Because of the way archangels continuously fill in emptied spaces with high vibrational light, people typically do not experience unpleasant detoxification symptoms. Other energy work modalities commonly involve a detoxification period after a session. As soon as the undesirable energies are removed, angels fill you up with love and light that refreshes your entire energetic system. That is why angel energy healing is the most desirable modality for your spiritual journey.

Example Compared To Reiki

In other energetic healing modalities, such as reiki, you receive energies directly from another person. For example, a reiki practitioner channels universal life force energy through their body before it reaches you. If a reiki channeler has any undesirable energies within their system, then those undesirable energies can be transferred onto you. This happens when the reiki practitioner unknowingly picks up dense energies from someone else before your session.

Before becoming an angel energy healer, I was a reiki master. The difference between these two modalities is huge. That is why I only share the best and strongest energetic healing modality with you. 

Receiving Angelic Energies

In an angel energy healing session, all of the energies come directly from angels. My role as a channeler is to act as a bridge by holding open the space between the angelic realm and earth. This helps the angels to more strongly flow their high vibrational energies through my heart chakra toward you. While I am part of the process, it is the archangels who perform the real healing. Additionally, the angels act as a barrier between you and I during the session so our individual energies are never exchanged.

5. How To Be Open To Receiving Angelic Energies

As the recipient of an angel energy healing session, there are ways to assist yourself in feeling the energies flowing. Before the session begins, find a quiet spot to relax. And, turn your phone to vibrate mode to prevent getting startled during your session.

Either sit up straight in a chair, or lay down. Uncross your arms and legs so the energies are able to flow freely. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and start to quiet your mind. 

Archangel Michael Helps Quiet Your Mind

If too many thoughts keep popping into your mind, ask Archangel Michael for help. He can assist you in quieting your ego and slowing down the pace of your thoughts. Do this by saying: “Archangel Michael, please quiet my ego (or stop these racing thoughts). Thank you.”

Actually, you can use this technique anytime, anywhere. It's important to always remember to thank Archangel Michael, or any angels, every time they help you. Expressing appreciation and gratitude toward the angels shows them you are willing to work with them.

What To Do When Receiving An Angel Energy Healing Session

  • Sit up straight in a chair or lay down, whichever is comfortable for you
  • Arms and legs uncrossed
  • Relax
  • Close your eyes
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Quiet your mind; ask Archangel Michael if you need help with this
It also helps to drink water before and after a session. Water helps your body stay hydrated, and assists the energies in flowing easier. 

What If You Fall Asleep Or Forget Your Session

Distance angel energy healing still works even if you fall asleep, or forget your appointment. However, it's always best if you can relax and remain aware of the energies during each session. Being a recipient is a special experience that opens you up to feeling the angels and their beautiful energies.

How To Benefit From A Powerful Angelic Session

The easiest pathway to transforming your energetic system begins by receiving an angel energy healing session. Once you start the process of removing undesirable energies, it opens up space within your system for you to hold desirable energies. These include high vibrational energies of love, joy, happiness, peace, and bliss. This makes it much easier and faster to align with your desires by using the law of attraction. The angels would love to help you, and are only waiting for you to take the first step.

Start your energetic transformation today with the angels by getting your customized distance angel energy healing session.

As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

About the author
Brenda Lott
Brenda Lott is a certified channeler of angelic healing energies and angel messages. She is also founder of angel-sparkles.com. Her strong connection with the angelic realm allows her open heart to act as a bridge for the angels to flow healing energies to any person, pet, or physical location that is in needed of healing. 

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