Channeled Message for 2021

Channeled angel message
The message below was channeled from the Council of Light. It contains important messages for 2021, and is also for beyond the new year. Everything within the colored box is the channeled message. It was only edited slightly to make it easier for you to read.

Who is The Council of Light?

The Council of Light is a magnificent group of ascended light beings who are available to help you recognize the gifts contained within your soul. Additionally, they will help you ascend higher and increase your level of consciousness. You can call upon them anytime, or ask any angels for assistance.

2021 Outlook: Channeled Message from The Council of Light

Greetings from the Council of Light. We are bringing this message to you and everyone for the 2021 new year.

What you can expect for 2021 is a big revolution. A new change is coming that is huge. While the changes will be drastic, please do not fear. Everything will be improving for the better. And, the transformations will be gradual, yet consistently building until they’re completely in place.

Know that during the first few days of the year, there will still be dense energies purging from last year. However, these heavy energies will not last very long. Continue to cleanse your energy daily, and release heaviness as it appears. Remember to ask your angels if you want help with this process. 

Spring 2021

By spring things will change drastically. The start of spring brings humanity a pivotal change in time where everything will start to improve toward a new way of life. A new world. It will be a much better world going forward.

The old world is gone, and it’s impossible to return to it. This is good news because we are moving forward. And, we’re getting closer and closer to humanity ascending higher. This means more people living their bliss, living their true purpose, and living in harmony with one another. 

The Choice is Yours

Those who choose to hold onto the past, and who try to resist the changes, will unfortunately find that their lives will be worse. This is because they will be going against the collective consciousness, and the best direction for humanity.

Those of you who accept the new changes will have a big boost in your spiritual journey. Within you, you will feel much better.

Overall, all of humanity will be in a much better, brighter, more loving, and more harmonious world.

This is not to say that there still won’t be challenges. Because there will always be some form of challenges as long as you are living on the human plane. Life will never be perfect, but you can, and are supposed to, live a life full of love, joy, and happiness.

What You Need To Do

Those who follow the ascension path, and continue to ascend higher will have a much better life, a great life. All of your dreams can come true. Actually, it might surprise you by how easily the process can be to achieve all of your goals and reach your dreams.

1.  Start by cleansing the density out of your energetic system.
2.  Then, increase your vibration so you can fully align with your goals and dreams by using the law of attraction.
3.  Finally, send your dreams out into the universe. And be clear about what you desire.

Focus on the outcome you desire. Begin by imagining it as if you’re living your life right with that dream already having come true. This is the image and the feelings you need to send out into the universe. You receive those desires, dreams, and goals through the law of attraction. 

How To Send Your Dreams Out Into The Universe

Hold your hands out in front of you with your palms up. Imagine either a white or golden ball of light in your hands, as if you’re holding the ball of light within your hands. Visualize and feel one dream at a time as if you already have it. 
Place that image and the feelings inside the ball of light. Thank the universe by saying “thank you for making my dream come true.” Add a statement about exactly which dream you’re thankful for having. Remember it has not manifested in your life yet, but you act as if you already have it.

Release the ball of light and let it float upward. Repeat this process at least twice weekly until your dream has manifested in your life. 

Angelic Assistance

Keep asking the angels for assistance. Ask your angels about which action steps you need to take on your path to keep moving closer toward manifesting your dreams and goals.

At any time, if you are unsure of a sign or the next step to take, please ask for clarification. We will verify that either the step you're thinking about taking is correct. Or, we will show up your next step in a way that is easier for you to understand. 

Know and Live Your Soul Purpose

As you keep moving forward on your ascension path, be sure to learn about or discover your soul purpose.

You have unique gifts. Not just one gift, but a whole set of gifts that are your own unique combination.

The world needs you to be uniquely you. The world needs you to share your gifts. Yes, there will be others who are doing work similar to yours. But, not exactly in the same way.

Also remember there is plenty of abundance for everyone on the planet. There is plenty of money for everyone to live in abundance. It will not run out.

Take classes if needed to learn more so you’re able to fulfill your soul purpose. If you don’t know your soul purpose yet, angels are available to help you discover it. Archangel Uriel is a wonderful resource for leading you to your soul purpose. 

Your Soul Purpose Themes

You have more than one soul purpose. However, there is one overall, big theme of your soul purpose. Also, you have additional gifts that assist you in fulfilling your life purpose. Everything ties together to enhance your journey and the lives of the people you help.

For example, if your soul purpose is to be a healer this can be accomplished in many ways. It can happen through energy work, being a nurse, or being a physical therapist. This is just one example of the variety of ways a healer could fulfill their soul purpose.

When you discover your soul purpose, your inner drive to succeed is greatly boosted. You will enjoy the learning process too. And, you will be enjoying the work you’re doing. Life feels wonderful because you’re shining your unique light into the world. 

Why You’re Here

Every human on earth is meant to live a wonderful life. You’re not here to suffer! You are here to enjoy a life full of abundance, love, and joy.

What gets in the way of this is simply dense energies. Take responsibility for the heavy energies you’re carrying around in your body’s energetic system by cleansing your chakras daily. Additionally, it’s vital to keep your aura clear on a daily basis too.

You are meant to live the exact life that you desire. You are here to make a difference in the world. And, you achieve this through fulfilling your soul purpose. For as you complete your life mission, it will bring you a great increase in happiness, bliss, and abundance in all areas of your life.

A New World

2021 will start out with you still transitioning from the old world to the new world. Keep going forward, and leave behind anything that no longer serves you. By springtime you will soon start to notice improvements appearing in your life.

Remember the angels are here to help you anytime. All you must do is keep asking for their help. From the council of light, and all angels, we love you.
Thank you to the Council of Light for providing us with these important and special messages.

As always, the angels and I send you love and sparkly light. 

About the author
Brenda Lott
Brenda is a certified channeler of angelic healing energies and angel messages. She is also founder of Her strong connection with the angelic realm allows her open heart to act as a bridge for the angels to flow healing energies to any person, pet, or physical location that is in needed of cleansing, healing, and rejuvenation. 
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