Aura Drawing with Angel Energy Healing

Do you want to discover what energies and colors are in your aura? 

Are you curious about whether the angels have placed an energetic gift inside your aura, and why?

Do you want to find out if there is a past life issue clogging up your aura and holding you back in this lifetime?

Aura Drawings

What is an Aura Drawing?

An aura drawing is a physical representation of your aura.

It shows your main aura color, energetic blockages, and any energetic gifts that the angels have placed inside your aura. These types of gifts always have a purpose, such as for healing, protection, or to help you stay grounded. 

How are Aura Drawings Created?

Brenda is a certified channeler, and works with archangels daily. She connects directly to Archangel Michael, and then allows him to create the drawing through her. 

All aura drawings are created with Brenda's eyes closed using different colored markers and an outline of a person. Archangel Michael guides and moves her hand to accurately create your aura drawing. 

What Does an Aura Drawing Reveal?

  • Your main aura color
  • Energetic blocks holding you back in life
  • Etheric cords that need to be removed
  • Holes or tears in your aura
  • Past life issues
  • May indicate a chakra or certain part of the body that needs attention
  • Any energetic gifts from the angels

Benefits of an Aura Drawing

Aura Glowing
  • You immediately receive Angel Energy Healing for optimal aura health
  • Elevate your vibration
  • Feel freed from others who attached etheric cords to you
  • Discover how angels are helping you through energetic gifts
  • Boost your ascension journey through removing blockages
  • Clears away stress and tension from others
  • Potentially reveals energies that may become a physical issue, so they can be removed and prevented from worsening

What an Aura Drawing Looks Like

This is a sample of an aura drawing. Notes are included next to the drawing that explains what each color means and what each shape represents. In this sample, the person's main aura color is blue. 
Aura Drawing Sample

What is Included with Your Aura Drawing

Since aura drawings reveal density, you will receive Angel Energy Healing specifically for your aura. Everything that appears in your aura drawing is given proper attention through Angel Energy Healing. 

All etheric cords will be removed, and damage to your aura is repaired by the angels. Additionally, the angels cleanse your entire aura, and fill up your aura with new light. 

If past life issue appears, the angels help you, so you can start to fully heal and resolve it. 

You also receive a copy of your aura drawing along with notes explaining what each color and shape means. The file name of your aura drawing includes the month and year, so you can keep track of how your aura changes over time. 

Angel Energy Healing will be conducted prior to you receiving a copy of your aura drawing. This prevents any undesirable feelings or stress that might arise from seeing the types of density in your aura.

By the time you see what was present, you can be assured that the angels have already removed it. The only thing you need to monitor is any past life issues because they commonly require more time for complete resolution. 

Your aura drawing will be completed within 3 business days, however it's often within one day. 

Get Your Aura Drawing with Angel Energy Healing

Receive your aura drawing with Angel Energy Healing to address issues found in your aura drawing.
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